Pan Armenian Games Committee Solicits Info from Armenian Communities

November 5, 2004
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Pan-Armenian Games World Committee Solicits Information from Armenian

The World Committee of the Pan-Armenian Games has requested that the
Armenian communities preparing to send teams for the 4th Pan-Armenian
Games to submit information on the sports categories in which they
would like and are able to participate.

In view of the fact that at least two new kinds of sports are being
added to the Program of every Pan-Armenian Games, the World Committee
has so far received suggestions that boxing, wrestling, horse-race
and fencing be included in the Program of the 4th Pan-Armenian
Games. Please note that only Olympic kinds of sports can be included
into the Program of the Pan-Armenian Games.

For information and detailed inquiries, please contact the Secretary
General of the World Committee, Armen Grigoryan, at Government House 2,
Yerevan, 375010, Armenia, or by telephone/fax: (+374-1) 526802.

Attached is the press release on the results of the 10th session of
the General Assembly of the World Committee of the Pan-Armenian Games,
submitted by the WCPAG.


Results of the 10th session of the General Assembly
(Yerevan, October 3, 2004)

The 10th session of the General Assembly of the WCPAG was held on
October 3, 2004, in Ararat Hotel, Yerevan. More than 30 members of the
WCPAG and PAG City Committees (Commissions) from over 20 cities of the
world participated in the session. Vartan Oskanian, the President of
the WCPAG (Yerevan), opened the session and greeted the participants
of the General Assembly.

After the adoption of the Agenda the WCPAG President Vartan Oskanian
presented his two-year report, noting the problems of the World Committee.
The Secretary General Armen Grigoryan (Yerevan) also greeted the
participants, presented his report, in which he mentioned the drawbacks that
took place during the Third Pan-Armenian Games and stated that new kinds of
sports should be included into the program of the Games. The participants of
the General Assembly agreed that new kinds of sports should be added to the
program and it was decided that it would be better if participants of the
Games would define the kinds of sports themselves. In this regard a letter
will be sent to the PAG City Committees (Commissions), so that they mention
all kinds of sports the Armenian Community of their city wishes and is able
to participate in. Among suggested kinds of sports were boxing, wrestling,
horse-race and fencing.

The president of the Auditing Committee of the WCPAG Berdj Halajian
(Alexandria) presented the report of the financial activity of the World
Committee. He noted that not all City Committees (Commissions) of the
Pan-Armenian Games pay their membership fees in time and that the WCPAG
needs to find new sources of financing. In this regards President V.Oskanian
charged the members of the WCPAG to follow that City Committees
(Commissions) of the Pan-Armenian Games of their regions fulfill their
financial obligations in the dates prescribed by the Charter. The president
also noted the necessity of finding new sources of financing and informed
that in case of success, the budget of the WCPAG will be included into the
state budget of the RA beginning from 2005. The Vice-President of the WCPAG
Roland Sharoyan (Yerevan) presented the new edition of the Charter of the
World Committee which was unanimously adopted by the participants of the
General Assembly.

The issue of the changing the logo of the WCPAG was also discussed at the
meeting. The participants discussed new variants of the logo, but new ideas
were born and it was decided that all those who wish will send their
variants in 15 days and the Vice-president R.Sharoyan and the Secretary
General A.Grigoryan, authorized by the President, will follow the process of
choosing new logo. It was repeatedly noted that many cities that have large
Armenian communities do not have City Committees (Commissions) of the
Pan-Armenian Games and that corresponding measures should be taken.

Organizational issues of the First Pan-Armenian Basketball Championship and
the First World Pan-Armenian Sports Congress were discussed. The
participants of the General Assembly decided that the Sports Congress will
take place on August 20, 2005 and the Opening ceremony of the basketball
championship will take place in the evening of August 21, 2005. The deadline
for the preliminary application forms is January 30, 2005, and the deadline
for the team application forms – April 30. The representatives of Vanadzor
and Stepanakert suggested that some of the competitions take place in their
cities and expressed their readiness to accept the participants and provide
them with everything they need. In this regard Mr. Oskanian said that these
issues can have a more detailed discussion after the appropriate

The Vice-President R.Sharoyan presented the new order of paying membership
fees elaborated together with the Auditing Commission of the WCPAG. The new
order runs as follows: “Participant-cities are obliged to cover all expenses
connected with the banking transfer and to clearly mention the name of the
city and the date of the transfer.”

One of the last points of the Agenda were the elections of the President,
three Vice-presidents, Secretary General, members of the Executive and the
Auditing Committee. All these persons were unanimously elected. Two new
members were elected into the World Committee – Andre Kisajikian (San Paulo)
and Zohrab Malek (Roma). The Vice-President Stepan Derbedrossian (Beirut)
informed the participants that Harout Haroutyunyan (Yerevan) is appointed
the representative of HOMENETMEN in the WCPAG instead of Harout Cezar
Chekijian (Beirut). At the end V.Oskanian thanked the participants of the
General Assembly for cooperation and fruitful work.

The same day the participants of the General Assembly watched “Anush” opera
at the Yerevan State Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The next day the
participants of the General Assembly of the WCPAG met with the Prime
Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Andranik Margarian. During the meeting
the Prime-minister noted the importance of the work of the WCPAG in the
sphere of strengthening Armenia-Diaspora relations and expressed hope that
the work of the World Committee will continue to be successful. The Prime
Minister also promised to assist in the process of finding place for the
House of the World Committee of the Pan-Armenian Games.