U.S. Police Training with Armenian Investigators

A1 Plus | 14:29:27 | 05-11-2004 | Social |


As part of a broad program of U.S. assistance on law enforcement and
rule of law issues, two senior police detectives from Glendale,
California provided technical training to 16 Armenian police
investigators. The training, funded by the U.S. Embassy’s office of the
State Department Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement
(INL), covered a wide range of police topics, including preservation and
management of a crime scene, evidence identification and collection,
latent fingerprint collection, crime scene photography, and homicide and
other death investigations.

Ian Grimes and Bob Zahreddine, the two Glendale police detectives, also
presented basic computer skills training using the computer lab donated
to the Police Training Center by the U.S. Embassy INL Office. Detective
Grimes noted the high level of professionalism demonstrated by the
Armenian police officers present and expressed his appreciation for the
opportunity for this professional exchange.

U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Anthony Godfrey presented diplomas
to the 16 Armenian police investigators, marking the end of the criminal
investigations training program that ran from October 6 to November 4.