Kerry Is Determined In Recognizing Armenian Genocide


30 Oct 04

Even With the Cost of Losing an Ally

In its coverage of the US elections, Azg Daily constantly wrote about
Americaâ[email protected]~Y s Armenian and Turkish votersâ[email protected]~Y moods concerning the
candidates. We have mentioned John Kerryâ[email protected]~Ys pro-Armenian activities
in the Senate and concluded that this fact will keep Turkish voters
out of polling for him. Yet, it seems that George W. Bushâ[email protected]~Ys
Iraqi policy seems to Turkish voters more terrifying than senator
Kerryâ[email protected]~Ys pro-Armenian stance and the possible acknowledgment of
Armenian Genocide in case the latter takes the office.

It seems that there is no unity among the American Turks as to future
US president. Neither official Ankara seems to take anyoneâ[email protected]~Ys
side. Turkish Radical searches for answers in the October 27 issue:
“Ankara is concerned that Americans will not leave Iraq and that Iran
will possibly become a target if Bush remains in the White House. But
Kerry speaks of withdrawing the American army from Iraq and does not
threaten Iran. Therefore his candidacy is more preferable for Ankara”.

Turkish political observers think that for Ankara the results of
the US elections are less important than the situation in the Middle
East. They think Kerry wishes to withdraw from Iraq, and Turkey wants
to see Iraq more or less stable otherwise, if the crises deepens,
Turkey may interfere.

Amidst all these calculations, American Turks and Ankara never leave
out Kerry â[email protected]~Ys determination to recognize the Armenian Genocide
from their spotlight.

While the American-Turkish Congress sent a letter to John Kerry signed
by president Erjument Q?l?nchi demanding that he consider US interests
and affirm Zamanâ[email protected]~Ys words that “he (Kerry) hasnâ[email protected]~Yt said anything
for the Armenian genocide for the last 10 years”, the Turkish embassy
to the USA alongside with the Turkish-American Union met with some of
Kerryâ[email protected]~Ys advisers, Madlen Albright, Richard Holbrook and Fillip
Gordon, to tell how anxious they are about Kerryâ[email protected]~Ys genocide

Turkish Miliet writes in October 28 issue that John Kerry did
not respond to American-Turkish Congressâ[email protected]~Y letter and perhaps
disappointed American Turks. Ankaraâ[email protected]~Ys political circles, in their
turn, are disappointed in Livingston Group, a lobbying organization
that is supposed to defend Turkeyâ[email protected]~Ys interests in Washington.

October 28 issue of Zaman informs that the Livingston Group is run
by Bob Livingston, former Republican leader in the Congress. This
is an interesting detail but Livingstonâ[email protected]~Ys explanation given to
Zaman is even more interesting. He said: “I fear that the American
Genocide policy will undergo serious changes if Kerry is elected. His
undeniable statements over the issue are binding. Kerry, who is
tremendously supporting the Armenian Cause, may perhaps think of
breaking his promise, but Iâ[email protected]~Ym nor sure he will do that”.

Zeyno Baran, director of International Security and Energy Programs
of the Nixon Center, added to Livingstonâ[email protected]~Ys words. To Milietâ[email protected]~Ys
question “whether it is possible that Kerry as a president will neglect
his promise given the Armenians?” she answered: “We have different
circumstances this time. Kerry differs from all previous candidates
as he is a senator from Massachusetts. There is a rather powerful
Armenian community there, and Kerry always supported Armenians.
Thus, in case Kerry wins Turkey has to come to terms with the
Armenian Genocide because initiatives for Armenian-Turkish dialogue
unfortunately didnâ[email protected]~Yt bring any serious success. If Kerry is given
the chance then Turkey perhaps will arrive at a common conclusion
with the Armenians, or, as your prime minister says, the issue will
be handed over to historians to study. Only Turkeyâ[email protected]~Ys new approach
will make it possible to suppress the formula adoption in April”.

Livingstonâ[email protected]~Ys and Baranâ[email protected]~Ys clarifications evidence that
Kerryâ[email protected]~Ys victory in the presidential run will put Turkey face to
face with the affirmation of the Armenian Genocide acknowledgment
formula. The only way for Turkey to avoid this is to secure the
republican majority in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.

In this case, the republican majority can obviously turn the formula
down without consulting with the president. The Armenian Genocide is
a powerful instrument of influence and Genocide acknowledgement will
mean renouncing this instrument.

By Hakob Chakrian