Armenian Foreign Ministry Reacts To UN Committee’s Decision


29 Oct. 2004

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 29, ARMENPRESS: Hamlet Gasparian, a spokesman for
Armenian foreign affairs ministry was asked by Armenpress News Agency
to comment on the UN General Committee’s decision to recommend the
inclusion of an item on the situation in the occupied territories of
Azerbaijan on the General Assembly’s session.

Gasparian said: “Indeed, this issue has been raised at the UN General
Committee. While it has not enjoyed any significant support, it has
received 9 pro and 14 abstained votes from 28 member states. The
countries that voted in support of the issue included mostly members
of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Ukraine.

We view Azerbaijan’s move as yet another attempt to divert the
attention of the international community from the core issue of the
conflict, i.e. the status of Nagorno Karabagh.

We should also note that in a statement made on behalf of OSCE Minsk
Group, France’s representative stated that the UN General Assembly is
not an appropriate forum for discussing this issue. He further noted
that Azerbaijan’s move to introduce a new item on the negotiations
agenda might have a detrimental impact on the peaceful regulation