Armenian opposition leader rallies party faithful

Armenian opposition leader rallies party faithful

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
28 Oct 04

[Presenter over video of meeting] The leader of the National Unity
Party, Artashes Gegamyan, made a sensational announcement during a
meeting with party activists at Cinema House.

There is a force that is ready to seize power and this force is
National Unity, Gegamyan’s supporters announced. They said that
Artashes Gegamyan is a person elected by the nation and people consider
his services to be irreplaceable.

One of the participants in the meeting was interested in how Gegamyan
is going to seize power, but the party leader did not wish to disclose
the party’s tactics in order not to be thwarted. Gegamyan’s speech
was accompanied by stormy applause.

[Unidentified party member] We are the party that will come to power.

[Artashes Gegamyan, captioned] The Armenian people listen to the
voice of National Unity.