Vatican Mentions Of Armenian Genocide In “Catholic’s Handbook”

Vatican Mentions Of Armenian Genocide In “Catholic’s Handbook”

28 Oct 04

The Armenian Genocide’s international acknowledgment became the
first priority of the Armenian state after the power shift in
1998. Pres. Kocharian affirmed this state policy to UN in 1998 and
2000 and to OSCE in 1999.

European community responded to the Armenia’s claims, and France
and Vatican soon after recognized the Genocide. These days when the
Turkey’s EU accession is on the agenda and when the Armenian Genocide
issue comes up to the surface, Vatican City issued its “Fundamentals
of Church’s Social Doctrine” official communiqué on October 25.

The Turkish Hyuriet touches on the communiqué in October 26 issue only
because the “genocide” section of the communiqué mentions Armenians in
a row of eliminated nations. Hyuriet notes that Vatican’s communiqué
aiming at involving Christian believers in the social and political
life has become a “Catholic’s handbook”.

“The Armenian genocide, which began the century, was a prologue
to horrors that would follow. Two world wars, countless regional
conflicts and deliberately organized campaigns of extermination took
the lives of millions of faithful”, the communiqué reads.

The Hyuriet closes up saying that the communiqué was prepared by
Renato Martino, president of Vatican Cityâ[email protected]~Ys Commission on Justice
and Reconciliation, and presented to the mass media.

Recent discussions over Armenian Genocideâ[email protected]~Ys in Europe bring the
acknowledgment of this historic tragedy closer to the international
community. The fact that the Turkish press keeps the issue in its
spotlight means that political circles of Turkey are also concerned
with the issue.

By Hakob Chakrian