Nomination On Party Tickets In Karabakh


Azat Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
27 Oct 04

The National Assembly of NKR passed the NKR Electoral Code at the first
reading. According to the code along with constituencies candidates to
parliament will be nominated on party tickets as well. The project was
introduced by member of parliament Artur Mossiyan who suggested the
following correlation for the parliament consisting of 33 members:
17 seats for party tickets and 16 seats for constituencies. The
leader of the faction of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Vahram
Balayan suggested having the parliament 100 per cent elected from
party tickets. The members of the faction of the Democratic Liberal
Union as well as the speaker of the National Assembly Oleg Yessayan
suggested the following correlation: 11 from party tickets and
22 from constituencies. Apparently there is a disagreement among
the parliamentary forces concerning the number of the seats in the
parliament but all the members of parliament think that the law should
be worked out duly in order to hold the 2005 elections to parliament
in accordance with the new law. The members of parliament have not
come to a decision on the participation of the army servicemen,
refugees and new settlers in the polls. The second reading will take
place in November.

AA. 27-10-2004