List of the 30-member Lebanese government

Agence France Presse — English
October 26, 2004 Tuesday 3:15 PM GMT

List of the 30-member Lebanese government


Here is the line-up of the new 30-member Lebanese cabinet formed
Tuesday by prime minister-designate Omar Karameh, which still has to be
approved by parliament.

– Prime Minister: Omar Karameh (Sunni Muslim, new)

– Deputy Prime Minister: Issam Fares (Greek Orthodox, unchanged)

– Foreign Minister: Mahmud Hammud (Shiite, change of portfolio)

– Interior Minister: Sleiman Frangieh (Maronite, change of portfolio)

– Defense Minister: Abdel Rahim Mrad (Sunni, minister of state in
previous government)

– Justice Minister: Adnan Addum (Sunni, new)

– Telecommunications Minister: Jean-Louis Qordahi (Maronite, unchanged)

– Finance Minister: Elias Saba (Greek-Orthodox, new)

– Information Minister: Elie Firzli (Greek Orthodox, new)

– Tourism Minister: Farid el-Khazen (Maronite, new)

– Energy Minister: Maurice Sehnawi (Greek Catholic, new)

– Industry Minister: Layla Solh (Sunni, new)

– Economy and Trade Minister: Adnan Kassar (Sunni, new)

– Culture Minister: Nagi Bustani (Maronite, new)

– Displaced Persons Minister: Talal Arslan (Druze, minister of state in
previous government)

– Education Minister: Sami Minkara (Sunni, new)

– Health Minister: Mohammad Khalifeh (Shiite, new)

– Environment Minister: Wi’am Wahhab (Druze, new)

– Agriculture Minister: Elias Skaff (Greek Catholic, changes portfolio)

– Labour Minister: Assem Qanso (Shiite, minister of state in previous

– Public Works: Yassin Jaber (Shiite, new)

– Social Affairs: Ghazi Zaayter (Shiite, new)

– Youth and Sports Minister: Sebuh Hovnanian (Armenian, unchanged)

– State minister for administrative reforms: Ibrahim Daher (Maronite,

– State Minister: Karam Karam (Greek Orthodox, unchanged)

– State Minister: Albert Mansur (Greek Catholic, new)

– State Minister: Mahmud Abdel Khaleq (Druze, new)

– State Minister: Yussef Salameh (Maronite, new)

– State Minister: Wafaa Hamza (Shiite, new)

– State Minister: Alain Taburian (Armenian, new)