They want to silence us

They want to silence us

October 22, 2004

Several days ago, the Ministry of Justice officially registered
Jehovahâ[email protected]~Ys Witnesses. We can already see some direct consequences
of this act and make some predictions as to the possible further

We have received numerous phone calls from our readers. People voice
their protest against the Justice Ministryâ[email protected]~Ys decision to grant
official registration to this religious organization.

Many people noted that after registration the Witnesses have
become more aggressive in their behavior and in their activities of
â[email protected]~delivering the truth to the peopleâ[email protected]~].

The Witnessesâ[email protected]~Y behavior is of course backed up not only by the
mandate now given to them by the Justice Ministry. There are many
forces supporting all kinds of sects and other groups aiming to
deteriorate our national traditions and values.

Meanwhile, Armenian citizens, those who do not belong to any sects or
any minorities, are expecting the state agencies to answer several
questions. If the state agencies start to support and protect the
rights of the religious sects and all kinds of minorities, then
who will protect the rights and interests of ordinary citizens? Who
will protect the non-minority citizens from the very propaganda and
soul-hunting activities of those sects?

If the Witnesses can have the right for public preaching, shouldnâ[email protected]~Yt
other citizens have the right to protect themselves and their children
from the same public preaching?

If the Witnesses can have the right to knock at our doors, to penetrate
schools and universities, shouldnâ[email protected]~Yt we have the right to treat
them as unwanted guests, as ideological interveners into the value
system underlying our and our childrenâ[email protected]~Ys identity? There are
other questions to be asked. But the answers are what matters. Does
our justice system have the answers?