Armenian Specialist Of Oil Producing Industry Is Hopeful

By Hakob Tsulikian

27 Oct 04

Recently, Iran promised Armenia $30 million for the construction of
the Armenian part of Iranâ[email protected]~SArmenia gas pipeline. Armen Sahakian,
specialist of Oil Producing Industry, from London, who had played a
decisive role in the elaboration of that program, expressed hope that
the construction of that gas pipeline can become a reality. According
to Armenian Mirror Spectator, he visited Armenia for many times, and
together with the specialist from RA Energy Ministry studied details of
the program. In 1997 he left for Iran and greatly contributed to the
negotiation process. “Taking into account its sources, Iran occupies
the second place in the world and the government is ready to implement
the program. The fact that the Iranian side financed the construction
of the Armenian part of the gas pipeline evidences it”, he said.

Armen Sahakian is the grandson of Avetik Sahakian, chairman of
the Parliament of the first Republic of Armenia (1918-1920). He
was born in Baghdad, where his father, Suren worked as a chemist at
Iraqi oil producing company. His grandfather, Avetik moved to Tabriz
after Armenia became a Soviet republic. Armen Sahakian studied at
Beirutâ[email protected]~Ys American University, as well as at Munich and Michigan
Universities. Afterwards, winning the scholarship of the Iranian
National Oil Predicting Company, he finished Harvard University.

“Form the viewpoint of progress, Armenia is in more favorable position
than its neighbors, and I would like to contribute to the prosperity
and development of the country as much as I can,” Armen Sahakian