Gibrahayer – 20 October, 2004

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– More than 200 delegates from 20 countries participate
– Cyprus delegation raises Melkonian and MagaraVank issues

Gibrahayer – 20 October, 2004 – Brussels, Nicosia: More than 200
Euro-Armenian delegates gathered in the European Parliament in Brussels, to
send a message of unity, regarding the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide
and Turkey’s EU accession possibilities.
The opening ceremony featured welcoming remarks by European
Armenian Federation chairwoman Hilda Tchoboian and Armenia’s Deputy Foreign
Minister Ruben Shugarian, and messages by Cathoicoi Karekin II and Aram I,
as well as Patriarch Nerses-Bedros XIX.
Issues on the agenda were Armenian Culture and Identity in Europe,
EU-Armenia Relations and the Challenges of the Enlargement Process. Keynote
speakers included representatives of European institutions and Euro-Armenian
politicians and intellectuals. Discussions often drew the active
participation of MEP’s.
Participants underlined the necessity forGenocide recognition,
respect toward the country’s non-Muslim minorities and withdrawal of Turkish
troops from Cyprus to be addressed before the member-states of the EU could
grant Turkey “the” date.
Cyprus Delegation
The Cyprus delegation was one of the first to address the Convention, with
Dr. Antranik Ashdjian of ANC Cyprus highlighting the need for action against
the destruction of Armenian heritage in Turkish-occupied Cyprus and Massis
Der Partogh of the Melkonian Alumni stressing the need to stop the closure
and subsequent sale of the Melkonian Institute.
A Cypriot delegation visited the Cyprus Permanent Mission, and
briefed about the conclusions of the Convention. The entire delegation was
also received by Cypriot MEP Ioannis Kassoulides, at his office on the 8th
floor of the Europarliament.
Turks and Azeris angered by Armenian presence
In response to the Convention, Turks and Azeris staged a protest meeting
outside the European Parliament building, a few hours after the convention
called upon EU bodies not to give in to vivid Turkish propaganda aiming to
convince for a positive decision at the December 17 EU Heads of State
The Cyprus delegation returned to the island on Wednesday.

Gibrahayer – 21 October, 2004 – Nicosia: – The Cyprus delegation – visiting
Armenia under House President Demetris Christofias – met with the President
of Armenia Robert Kocharian as well as Prime Minister Antranik Margarian and
President of the National Assembly Arthur Baghdassarian in Yerevan. Demetris
Christofias is being accompanied by a representatives of members of
Parliament, great friends and warriors of the Armenian people Dr.Eleni
Theocharous and Honourary President of EDEK Socialist Party of Cyprus
Dr.Vassos Lyssarides. Joining the delegation are Democratic Party
Vice-President Nicos Kleanthous and AKEL Press Secretary Andros Kyprianou.
In Yerevan, Demetris Christofias characterised the tiesbetween Cyprus
and Armenia “not friendly but more than brotherly” and highlighted the
similarity of the history of the people of Cyprus and the people of Armenia,
noting that ”we are two victimized people that through our struggle to
survive we have developed a high sense of solidarity and love for the
individual and of justice”.
The delegation visited the Genocide Memorial at Dzidzernagapert on
Tuesday where Christofias declared that if Turkey wants to join the EU they
must recognise the Armenian Genocide.
Armenian government officials expressed the desire to follow the path
of Cyprus toward European integration to which Christofias affirmed Cyprus’s
commitment to help Armenia to that end.


EU Observer:-Cyprus has raised the spectre of voting against Turkey when EU
leaders gather in December to decide whether to open membership negotiations
with Ankara.
President Tassos Papadopoulos told Cyprus television onMonday (11
October) that Cyprus reserved the right to use its veto. “We will decide on
the matter in December” said Mr Papadopoulos. He added that he knew that a
small country like Cyprus resorting to the veto would be “no easy thing”.
German newspaper Die Welt quotes Cypriot diplomats as saying that it
would be impossible for Nicosia to accept the opening of EU talks with
Ankara so long as it does not recognise one of the 25 member states.
At the moment, Turkey recognises only Turkish Northern Cyprus as a
state – and at the same time it refuses to recognise the Republic of Cyprus
as a state.
Turkish papers quote Greek president Costis Stefanopoulos as saying
that Athens would support Turkey’s EU membership but that there were
obligations it had to fulfill under international law. “Under international
law, first Turkey needs to recognize Greek Cyprus”, said Mr Stefanopoulos.
Turkey wants changes to Commission report Turkey also has issues on
another front. A spokesperson for the Turkish government on Monday demanded
that changes be made to the recently published report by the European
Commission on opening EU negotiations with Ankara. Turkey is objecting both
to the phrasing that the negotiations have an open end and to the fact that
permanent curbs to the freedom of movement of workers have been suggested.
Debate but no vote in France Meanwhile, in France, the discussion about
Turkey continues to rage. On Monday, it was decided that French MPs will
hold a parliamentary debate on Turkey, but will not vote on the issue. The
debate will take place on Thursday (14 October) and threatens to split many
parties, including the ruling UMP party. Mr Chirac has tried to reassure
French voters – hostile to Turkey – by saying that France could apply its
veto on Turkey whenever it wanted.

(Combined Sources)An altercation that started when a yeshiva student spat at
the cross being carried by Armenian Archbishop in Israel Nourhan Manougian
during a procession near the Holy Sepulcher on Sunday, has exposed growing
tensions between traditional Christian denominations and religious Jews in
Jerusalem’s Old City.
The student, Zvi Rosenthal, not only spat at the cross but also at
Manougian himself; Manougian reacted by slapping the yeshiva student.
The incident developed into a brawl during which Manougian’s ceremonial
medallion, which has been used by Armenian archbishops since the 17th
century, broke.
Both Archbishop Manougian and the yeshiva student were detained for
questioning. Police are now considering whether to initiate criminal
proceedings against the Armenian archbishop and to charge him with assault.
Meanwhile, the incident has sparked much anger among the clergy of the small
Armenian community in Jerusalem.
Religious Jews, among them yeshiva students, customarily spit on the
ground as a sign of disgust on seeing the cross. The Armenians, who live
adjacent to the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, suffer from this phenomenon
more than any of the other Christian sects in the Old City.
Manougian says he and his colleagues have already learned to live with
it. “I no longer get worked up by people who turn around and spit when I
pass them by in the street; but to approach in the middle of a religious

procession and to spit on the cross in front of all the priests of the sect
is humiliation that we are not prepared to accept,” he notes.
A policeman is customarily posted to guard the Armenians’ religious
processions, but doesn’t generally do anything to prevent the spitting. The
Armenians took the matter up with Interior Minister Avraham Poraz some seven
months ago, but nothing has been done about until now.
“The Israeli government is anti-Christian,” Manougian charges. “It
cries out in the face of any harm done to Jews all over the world, but is
simply not interested at all when we are humiliated on an almost daily
“Incidents like these aim at ridding Jerusalem of its Christian and
Muslim populations in order to emphasize the city’s Jewish character,”
emphasized Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia Aram I.
Lawmaker Rabbi Michael Melchior (Labor Party) says the phenomenon
should be tackled through educational means. “I would expect prominent
figures among the religious and ultra-Orthodox sectors, such as the chief
rabbis, to denounce this phenomenon,” he says.
Yassir Arafat, leader of the Palestinian National Authority, condemned
the Israeli attack on Archbishop Manougian. Arafat held a telephone
conversation with the Archbishop inquiring about his health following the
unwarranted assault.

This space is reserved for local artist Tatiana Ferahian’s comic strips
which are amalgamations of Armenian-Cypriot social commentaries, painted
with her usual wry and ironic humour, to stimulate and encourage awareness
and interest toward our community’s everyday happenings.

* Armenian Prime Minister Andranik Markaryan has denied in a newspaper
interview any plans to return three or four regions to Azerbaijan in return
for concessions on Karabakh.

* Armenian Catholicos Garegin II said he was to make a visit to Moscow to
join the Armenian community of Moscow in celebrating the 75th birthday of
Russian Patriarch Alexy II.

* The Youth Movement of Dashnaktsoutiun together with over 300 organizations
participated in the third European Socialist Forum (ESF) in London, October
15-17. a delegation of the Socialist Youth Movement of EDEN also
participated from Cyprus.

* The Armenian and Cyprus Football National Football teams lost at home to
the Czech Republic and France 0-2 and 1-3 respectively for the
qualifications of the World Cup 2006.

* Armenia registered the Jehovah’s Witnesses on Wednesday, allowing the
religious group to operate after years of debate and denial.

* 783 Azerbaijanis are currently held in captivity and as hostages in
Armenia according to Eldar Samadov, acting chairman of the working group of
the State Commission on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing Persons.

* Karabakh PM Anushavan Daniyelyan is in the USA on a working visit. The
main purpose of his visit is to help organize the coming telethon aiming at
fund raising to assist the NKR, and especially to complete North-South
highway in Nagornyy Karabakh. On Monday Daniyelyan met with representatives
of Dashnaktsoutiune’s Western Central Committee members in a meeting that
span over two hours.

* The Armenian Cause Committee of France has filed a lawsuit against the
Turkish consul of Paris for statements posted on the consulate’s website.
Turkey must resolve differences with its neighbor Greece especially over the
divided Mediterranean island of Cyprus before it can join the European
Union, Greek President Costis Stephanopoulos said Sunday.

* Speaking at a news conference on Monday, Armenian FM Vardan Oskanian said
Turkey does not deserve that the European Union begin accession talks with
that country.

To support its political activities, The Armenian National Committee of
Cyprus has organised a raffle, participants of which will have the
opportunity to win Armenian Commemorative Coins depicting themes from
ancient Armenian history. A block costs £50.00 ($100 for our international
Your support will enable the local chapter of our enthusiastic political
action group to materialise its multidimensional political agenda, in
promoting Hay Tad activities both in Cyprus and in Europe.
You can make your contribution to the following account:
Armenian National Committee of Cyprus
P.O.Box 21171 – Nicosia 1503 – Cyprus
Hellenic Bank: account Number 122-01-039699-01
IBAN: CY88 0050 0122 0001 2201 0396 9901

g i b r a h a y c a l e n d a r

* Armenian Relief Society “Sosse” Chapter Fund Raising Tea for the ARS
Armenia Projects on Sunday 28 November, 2004 at The Holiday Inn Hotel at
4:00 p.m. Handicraft, Lebanese cookies and home made delicacies on sale.
Proceeds to the “Sosse” Kindergarten of Stepanakert – Republic of Karabagh.

* Melkonian Cyprus Alumni Banquet.Sunday, November 7, 2004 – 1pm
“Christiana” Reception Hall, Alambra. Guest of Honour: Jack R. Melkonian,
grand-nephew of Garabed Melkonian. CYP 15.00 adults / CYP 5.00 students and
children. Prizes included on entrance ticket and raffle tickets. Contact
names for reservations to be announced. Directions to “Christiana” and
convoys will be arranged. All are welcome.

* California Alumni Dinner banquet Oct. 30, 2004. Details to be announced.

* AYF Badanegan Miaoutian get-togethers begin on Saturday October 16,2004
and will continue every Saturday starting from 4:00 p.m. Contact Vartoog
Karageulian on 24-659245.

* AYMA Chicco Football practices have begun and are taking place every
Friday from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. for children starting from the age of 7.
Contact Krikor Mahdessian on 99650897.

* AYMA Table Tennis practices have also begun two weeks ago. They will
continue this Saturday 16 October 6:00 – 8:00 p.m and every Saturday
throughout the season, under the expert guidance of ex-Cyprus Champion
Sirvart Costanian. Classes and practice session for all ages.

* AYMA Football team practices are taking place every Tuesday and Thursday
from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. A.Y.M.A. will be participating in the Second Division
Amateur Football League and will be bidding for the Championship Title and
subsequent promotion to Division One. The Championship begins on Saturday
November 20, 2004.

* A.G.B.U Women’s Auxiliary Body. Armenian Food Bazaar. Sunday 14 November,
2004 starting from 12:00 lunch time at AGBU club premises.

* Bible Study Group Organised by The Armenian Prelature of Cyprus. The
Group got together on Wednesday 13 October 2004, at the Sourp Asdvadzadzin
Church on Armenia street, Nicosia. To receive further details please call
Elise at the Prelature office on 22 493560 or email [email protected]

* This October the Pharos Trust, in cooperation with the Brazilian
Consulate, is proud to present a month of Brazilian Culture in Nicosia.
Through film, photography, literature, music and performance art, the Trust
offers audiences in Cyprus rare opportunities to experience the spirit,
history, culture and diversity of this vast and unique country. You can
subscribe to receive the e-newsletter of The Pharos Trust at

* StHilarion – Lapithos – Kyrenia BIKE RIDE Sunday October 24,organised by
Micromania. Meeting point: Ledra Palace, Turkish checkpoint. Meeting time:
9:00 am. Bus leaves: 9:30 am. Bus arrives St Hilarion: 10:00 am. Riding
time: approx 2 ½ hours from St.Hilarion to Lapithos & then to the beach.
Riding distance: approx 20 km. Bring with you: passport, water, helmet ,
swim wear. Cost of bus and food + one drink: Between £10- £12 per person
depending on how many turn up. Bus leaves the beach: 3 pm Bus arrives back:
3:30 pm. Age limit: 12+. First come first serve, so book your seats early
!! Please contact Ricky or Baret (Duke) Bedelian on: 22-661517 ,

* If you happen to be in London on Friday, 12th November don’t miss this
Back to Hye Skool Party. Time: 8pm-1am. Venue: The ultra-hip & funky
Babushka 41 Tavistock Crescent, Notting Hill, W11 1AD. Tix: £5 before
10:30pm, £7 after, Age: Strictly 18+ (No ID? No HYE party) Tube:Westbourne
Park (Hammersmith & City) – 1 min walk Notting Hill Gate (Central, District
& Circle) – 5 min ride (#27, 28 & 328 buses on Pembridge Road opposite
WHSmith outside station). Music:DJ Josey Kray & FBI Squad playing old skool
tunes, as well as the freshest tracks, Armenian and more. Xtra: Quality
prizes for the best dressed skool boy and skool girl. New surprises in store
for all. Contact: Raffi 07958 137 702, John 07961 166 969 [email protected]

* Armenian Radio Hour on The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation can be heard
via real audio on . Broadcast times 17:00-18:00 local Cyprus
time (14:00-15:00 GMT) News bulletins at 17:15 local time on Sundays,
Tuesdays, Fridays. Armenian Cypriots can also tune in on the following radio
frequencies 91.1 FM (Mount Olympus – for Nicosia listeners) 94.2 FM
(Paralimni/Protaras/Agia Napa) 92.4 FM (Larnaca) 96.5 FM (Paphos).
The Armenian Prelature announces that the next permit for the Armenian
Cemetery visitation at Ayios Dhometios on the Green line, is scheduled for
Sunday 25 October,2004

* Every Wednesday from 7-8 p.m. (Cyprus time +2 GMT) on CyBC’s Trito,
Puzant Nadjarian presents the “History of the Blues” together with Robert
Camassa. You can also hear it on Real Audio from the Internet edition of
CyBC on . A repeat program can also be heard seven hours
later at 2:00 a.m. local time.

* The Hairenik Association, Inc. launched its online Armenian Radio
Station.You can now listen to a variety of Armenian music online, 24 hours a
day, combined with news and other interesting information about the Armenian
community in the US, Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk and the Armenian Diaspora.
To listen to the Hairenik Online Radio go to the RADIO button then click on
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