Russians Most Miserable People in the World, 2nd Only to Zimbabwe

Oct 21 2004

Russians Most Miserable People in the World, Second Only to People of

Research shows that citizens of ex-Soviet countries are the most
unhappy people in the world.

The organization World Values Survey has surveyed 81 countries,
asking people to evaluate their level of happiness and satisfaction
with life. Citizens of Russia and the former republics of the USSR
are on the bottom of the list, ahead only of Zimbabwe.

Contrary to popular belief, economic wellbeing is not a key factor in
one’s happiness. People from developing countries, Mexico and Puerto
Rico, reported to enjoy their lives the most. Others from the top
five include Columbia, Ireland, and the Netherlands. The United
States ranks 15th.

Russia and the CIS are at the very bottom of the list. Russia is
78th, Armenia is 79th, Ukraine is second to last, 80th.