`Existence of Armenian Apostolic Church Endangered’



Members of `Ramkavar’ Party of Armenia are alarmed for the atmosphere
around the Armenian Apostolic Church. They think existence and further
activity of Church are doubtful.

‘Establishment of Anthilias Diocese in Canada, bombing of the Armenian
Church in Iraq, the `traditional’ curses addressed to the
ecclesiastics in Jerusalem and disappearance of Deacon Zorik Abeshyan
in Vladikavkaz, Russiaserved as bases for such a
conclusion. Legalization of various sects, including `Jehovah’s
Witnesses’ activity paves the way for deceiving Armenian people joined
around the Armenian Apostolic Church of 1700-year-long history’, Party
statement says.

Respecting the basic norms of human rights, Republican Department of
`Ramkavar ‘ Party considers unacceptable registration of the religious
organizations, which activity is lined to harm forming of the civil
society and health of individuals.

Taking into account all the circumstances, Republican Department of
`Ramkavar’ Party expresses willingness to support all the Dioceses of
Saint Echmiadzin Church both in the homeland and Diaspora through all
the `Ramkavar’ structures in Armenia. `Ramkavar’ also calls upon
social, political and cultural organizations to join the action.