Trying the Neo-Cons

Dar al-Hayat, Saudi Arabia
Oct 20 2004

Ayoon wa Azan (Trying the Neo-Cons)
Jihad Al Khazen Al-Hayat 2004/10/20

I demand that the neo-conservatives who worked for the war on Iraq,
and deliberately planned for its destruction and not only for the
ousting of Saddam Hussein, be tried before of the international war
crimes tribunal in Lahaye.

These criminals deserve to be the only prisoners at Guantanamo Bay;
however, I fear that if they go there, they would be subject to the
same torture that the Arab and Muslim prisoners went through. This is
why I prefer that they be tried in a decent court, in order for them
to respond to the accusation of deliberately killing more than 1,000
Americans, some 20,000 Iraqis, and the destruction of the
infrastructure of 25 million Iraqis.

I continue with brief comments on the news I followed these past two

– The people surrounding Prime Minister Tony Blair denied that the
objective behind sending the British troops from Southern Iraq to
Baghdad is to help George Bush in the American presidential

This denial means that the accusation is correct, as the political
news is confirmed when it is denied, especially if the denial comes
from people renowned for their lies.

The British denial reminded me of the day when Secretary of State
Colin Powell denied the fact that the neo-cons are controlling the
American foreign policy; I have repeatedly wrote about this
non-elected Israeli mob, and did not find anything at the end of the
day that proved my words better than Powell’s denial of the existence
of this cabal.

– Would the reader have noticed the difference if Al-Jazeera and
Al-Arabiya televisions broadcast the scenes of the air raid
destruction in Fallujah, and said that these are Israeli attacks on
the Gaza Strip, or if they broadcast scenes of destruction from the
Gaza Strip and claimed that they are the product of American raids on

There is no difference; both crimes are perpetrated with American
fighter jets and American money.

Nevertheless, there is a difference, which is the most important; I
support the attacks against the terrorists in Iraq, and the
destruction of Zarkawi’s network, if he or the network exist;
however, this does not happen through air raids, which kill innocent
people from Palestine to Iraq.

– The most hideous lie that has been repeated since 9/11, is Israel’s
claim that the United States and itself are facing the same
terrorism, and that America, after the terrorism it has been subject
to, understands what Israel is going through.

This is a hideous accusation against innocent Americans, as they were
monstrously killed inside their offices, without having occupied the
lands of others or threatened them. As for Israel, it is an occupying
terrorist state that undertakes Nazi crimes against the Palestinians,
and then wants them not to response to its attacks.

I would like to say that there is no resemblance between the American
victims and the Israeli casualties, who die in a land they are
occupying by force, are killing its people, and destroying their
houses. If there is some kind of resemblance, it is between the
terrorism of Al Qaeda and the terrorism of Sharon’s government.

– I have a thousand objections to the American policy vis-à-vis
Palestine, Iraq, and all Arabs and Muslims. However, this is one
thing, and fighting terrorism is another. It is the duty of Arabs and
Muslims to help the U.S. in its war on terror, especially that the
terrorists are among us. The U.S. is more capable than any other
country to get into a war on terror, and win it.

– The ousting of Saddam Hussein is an accomplishment we owe to the
Americans; but was it necessary to pay its price with the lives of
thousands of Iraqis, and casualties in the Coalition forces, along
with a massive destruction, at a time when we should have witnessed

This week, five churches were subject to terrorist bombings in
Baghdad; I read a report that said that 1,000 college female students
out of 3,000, stopped going to college because they were afraid of
being attacked by fundamentalists, which reject mixed educational

Such incidents did not occur during the days of Saddam Hussein; I
used to think that the purpose behind ousting him is to build a
democratic regime that would be better for all Iraqis, including
minorities, women, and sects.

The Christian Armenian sect in Jerusalem is boiling, after a Jewish
student spit on a cross worn by a Priest during a Christian religious
ceremony. The student was banned from entering the Old City for 75
days after the accident; and it turned out that the Jewish students
spit on the Christians and insulted them while praying. Officials in
the Israeli government have acknowledged this phenomenon, and said it
is caused by the atmosphere of religious non-compassion that Israel
is experiencing.

– Abu Hamza Al Masri will be tried in Britain, after the U.S.
demanded that he be tried on its soil.

I did not know that stupidity is an accusation punished by law; the
crime of Abu Hamza is not terrorism, but stupidity. However,
stupidity is in every person, and it is not a crime or a felony. If
this preacher had any link to terrorism, he would have been more
cautious, and he would have uttered less statements that harm Muslims
before others.

Abu Hamza is stupid, and his followers are naïve; he does not deserve
all the commotion.

Does any of the readers know the American TV star Bill O’Reilly? He
presents a famous program on Fox News; however, he became really
famous lately, after a former Fox employee called Andrea Mackris
accused him of sexual harassment, and the details are interesting.

O’Reilly is part of the neo-con cabal; I was happy that he fell
morally after he fell politically. However, I think that Al Franklin
was happier than I was; he is the writer of Lies and the Lying Liars
Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, in which he
dedicated a whole chapter to exposing O’Reilly’s lies.

Everyone will fall. Those who will not fall because of sex scandals
like O’Reilly, will fall because of financial scandals like Richard
Perle. However, it seems that the scandals of spying for Israel,
which are the most important, were not enough to make them fall; as
some of the neo-cons spied for Israel and were subject to
investigation; I have already said that, and will not repeat myself