In 2004 Natural Calamities Did Considerable Damage to Artsakh Agri


STEPANAKERT, October 20 (Noyan Tapan). Issues connected with
preparation for autumn sowing were discussed during the October 19
consultation in the office of NKR President Arkadi Ghukasian. Benik
Bakhshiyan, NKR Minister of Agriculture, mentioned that this year
agriculture sustained considerable losses because of natural
calamities. In particular, about 6000 hectares of cultured plants of
autumn and spring sowing were damaged by hails, frosts and rodents. No
harvesting was carried out in a considerable part of the
above-mentioned areas. That’s why, according to him, this year the
amount of grain harvest is less than it was envisaged. According to
the Chief Information Department attached to NKR President, during the
consultation it was mentioned that besides grain cultured plants grape
and fruit (mulberry, pear, apple, subtropical plants) gardens, potato
and vegetables sowing areas were also damaged. Wild walnut and fruit
trees growing in forests were also damaged by frosts. Taking into
consideration the circumstance that in this situation a villager can’t
organize autumn sowing on his own the necessity of well-timed
assistance rendered by state was mentioned during the
consultation. NKR President gave instructions to work out concrete
arrangements in a short period aimed at rendering assistance to the
villagers who suffered from natural calamities most of all.