Lighting Candles Against Jehovah’s Witnesses


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‘Rebelling against `Jehovah’s Witnesses’ comes to prove love of people
towards the Armenian Apostolic Church and does not oppose the
sectariansâ=80=9D, Clergyman Zohrab Kostanyan, Vice-Director of
`Shoghakat’ TVCompany said at the round table in Araratian Diocese.

Registration of JW caused his anxiety. `Law is imperfect. There aren’t
instruments to control activity of JW’, he says.

Robert Makaryan, Chairman of Student Board of Academy of Agricultural
Sciences, thinks JW was registered because there was the connivance
atmosphere of the society. He is sure marches and demonstrations must
be held to struggle against JW.

Karen Avagyan, Chairman of Student Board of Medical University
suggests launching student pickets. `As a result of them a committee
from social organizations must be set up, which will control all
these’, he said. Karen suggests holding pickets mainly in front of
Justice Ministry that registered â=80=9CJehovah’s Witnesses’.

Hayk Akarmazyan, Chair of Student Board of Polytechnic University has
another point of view. `We must not have any demand from our
Authorities and Justice Ministry regarding the problem. It’s the CE
demand to register them’, he says. Hayk is against the version of a
picket or a demonstration since he thinks the society is sick and
tired of it. The young activist has his own suggestion: `We will fight
against Jehovah’s Witnesses and any kind of sects through our belief’.

Emin, a young man had a concrete proposal: `We can hold a peaceful
march to Saint Sargis Church and light candles there’.

Young people together with Press Service of Araratian Diocese will
work out the common strategy of fighting and the results will later be
made public.