Delegation of USA’s Armenian Congress in Artsakh


20 Oct 04

Delegation of America’s Armenian Congress, headed by Ani Totah,
arrived in Stepanakert on a three-day visit.

The delegation members visited the HALO Trust office, the Center of
Child’s Works in Stepanakert and then headed for Shushi.

Accompanied by first lady Inna Ghukasian, they visited secondary
school N2. On the initiative of Inna Ghukasian and AAC’s support $120
thousandwas gathered in Los Angeles for repairing the school. Repair
started on August of the current year. The guests learnt of the
working rate and handed out copybooks and pens to pupils.

Ani Totah said that an Armenian American promised to contribute $270
thousand to one of Stepanakert’s schools only in case it is named
after him.School N6 was chosen for this purpose.

Delegation visited Gandzasar and Stepanakert’s carpet weaving factory
yesterday. President of Artsakh Arkady Ghukasian and chairman of
National Assembly Oleg Yesayan received the guests at the end of the

According to the schedule, AAC delegation will visit Stepanakert’s
Museum of History and Geology after which they will leave Artsakh.

By Kim Gabrielian from Stepanakert