National Library Fate is Obscure

A1 Plus | 16:47:33 | 18-10-2004 | Social |


Yerevan vice-mayor Kamo Areyan said Monday that National Library no longer
belongs to the municipality. It was handed over to the government.

Yet in 1998, Credit-Yerevan Bank built an additional third floor in the
library house and moved the library to that floor. The bank was given the
first two floors for that.

In 2003 the government got its eye on library premises and declared them
its territory.

It means the building’s fate is in the hands of the government-affiliated
state property department.

Afterward, Credit-Yerevan Bank went bankrupt and his premises were
occupied by Unibank.

The library personnel fear they will be evicted from the building. They
sent a protest letter to the PM.