Russia, Armenia considering cargo shipments by Caspian Sea

Russia, Armenia considering cargo shipments by Caspian Sea
By Tigran Liloyan

ITAR-TASS News Agency
October 14, 2004 Thursday

YEREVAN, October 14 — Russia and Armenia are looking into the
possibility of using the maritime route between Astrakhan in the
delta of the Volga and the Iranian Caspian port of Enzeli for cargo
shipments, alternative to land haulage across the Russian-Georgian
border, Russian Transport Minister Igor Levitin said here Thursday.

As he addressed a news conference upon the end of talks in Yerevan,
Levitin quoted experts as saying the Caspian route is “shorter and
less expensive”.

“For this, we’ll have to settle some formalities with the Iranians,”
he indicated.

He also mentioned the closure of the Verkny Lars border-crossing post
on the Russian-Georgian state border.

“The goal of the measures underway there is to deny the entry to the
cars and people, who may do things like that ones that occurred in
Beslan,” Levitin said.

“But this will not affect in any way the cargos and people that have
nothing to do with terrorism,” he said.

That is why a decision was taken a few days ago to open Verkhny Lars
again, he indicated.

The automobile jam has been liquidated by now,” Levitin said.