UCLA ASA Press Release

October 14, 2004

UCLA Armenian Student Association
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Los Angeles, CA. 90095
Contact: Arpine Hovasapian
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UCLA Armenian Students Kick Off the New Academic Year

Westwood, CA – As UCLA welcomed both new and returning students back to
campus, the UCLA ASA hosted its first general meetings of the year on
October 6th and 7th. In an effort to reach out to a greater amount of
students, especially those that commute to campus, the executive board
organized two meetings for the first full week of the academic term.
In doing so, more than 150 students enjoyed the opportunity to meet
the executive board, learn more about the ASA and its goals for the
year, as well as how students can become active members.

UCLA ASA officers introduced themselves and the sub-committees
they headed. Students were encouraged to find their niche within
the organization and offer their insight regarding the ASAs program
development – be it through the social activity planning, educational
event organization, fundraising, or public relations sub-committees.
Of particular interest was the newly formed Mentorship Sub-Committee
that pairs incoming underclassmen and transfer students with
upperclassmen in their respective fields.

“By encouraging members to join different sub-committees we are hoping
to motivate members of the organization to take a more active role and
feel more included in the activities and projects we have planned for
this year,” asserted UCLA ASA Cultural Director, Lucy Tagessian. “We
have a great group of returning students and the incoming Freshmen
and transfer classes keep getting better each year. We have a solid
foundation on which we will continue to build.”

The meetings also featured presentations by other UCLA Armenian student
groups including the Alpha Epsilon Omega fraternity, the Alpha Omega
Alpha sorority, the Armenian Graduate Students Association, and the
newly established Armenian Students Business Association.

Drs. Richard Hovannisian, Peter Cowe, Anahid Keshishian, and Hagop
Kouloujian who form the core of the Armenian Studies faculty and
lecturers on campus took time out from their busy schedules to meet
and greet the students in attendance and encouraged them to explore
the various Armenian Studies courses offered at UCLA.

The UCLA ASA is one of the oldest Armenian-American student groups
in the United States. This year marks the 60th anniversary of its
existence. The UCLA ASA seeks to cultivate a true understanding
and appreciation of Armenian history, heritage, and culture through
cultural, social, and recreational activities.