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Gibrahayer – Monday 11 October, 2004: The bomb squad on Monday detonated two
bombs in a car park at the Ledra Palace Green line check-point, only a few
meters across the old Armenian Cemetery.
          During the bomb scare, the check-point was closed, where police
carried out two controlled explosions, using a special device that shoots out

pressurised water. Police said that the bomb contained a quantity of TNT,
if exploded would certainly take human lives.
         A Turkish Cypriot man – Ekrem Karadain – reported to the Police a
suspicious looking wiring, stacked in a Turkish milk carton, apparently from
Smyrna, but Minister Doros Theodorou was quick to stress the need not to jump

to conclusions.
          “Just because the cartons were printed in Turkish does not mean
came from the occupied areas. Everything is currently under investigation and

we intend to get to the bottom of this case,” he said.


– The “tragic events of 1915-1916” stand for a conflict factor between Turkey

and Armenia
– Turkey must commit itself to reconciliation with Armenia
– Turkey should contribute to easing tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia
– Relations with Armenia will need to be improved with the establishment of
diplomatic relations and the opening of the land border which is currently

European Armenian Federation Brussels, Belgium – On Wednesday October the
the European Commission put forward a positive opinion concerning Turkey’s
application to membership. When it gave this opinion, which is divided into
three texts (a report on the “progress” made by Ankara regard to the
criteria, another one on the impact of the Turkish accession, and finally a
text of recommendation), the Commission left the European Council to take
of the decision of entering into negotiation. Nevertheless, it said that “any

breakdown in this progress towards democracy, human rights, fundamental
and the rule of law [.] will automatically bring negotiations to a halt.”
          For the first time in a text of the European executive, as it
in the impact study, the Genocide issue is the subject of a whole paragraph
(i). It is referred to by the following trifling terms “tragic events”
and “human suffering of 1915-1916”, and as a motive for the conflict between
Turkey and Armenia that the candidate country should resolve. Then, the
Commission adds that the will of joining the EU should lead Turkey to improve

its relationship and eventually to a reconciliation with Armenia concerning
those “tragic events”. The impact study mentions that that would allow Europe

to play an important role, through Turkey, in South Caucasus, even in the
Nagorno Karabagh conflict, and around the Caspian Sea.
          This documen t exposes the discriminatory practices that affect

non-Muslim minorities, and deplores that the textbooks convey a negative
of those minorities. Nevertheless, according to it, the authorities have
their word not to do that again.(ii)
          This document deals with the problem concerning the dual

in the Armenian schools. The deputy head of these schools is a Muslim,
representing the Ministry of Education and has more powers than the Armenian
head. Then, the inadequacy of the teaching of the Armenian language has been
expressed. Concerning the religious freedom, a fairly basic reference is made

about the obstacles encountered by the religious minorities.(iii)
          The criminalization of the Armenian Genocide has a small place
this report. In the chapter devoted to the freedom of speech, always avoiding

talking about the Genocide, the Commission exposes the article 305 (formerly
127, 308 and 306) of the Turkish penal code, that holds a prison sentence for

anyone who recognizes or affirms the facts of the Armenian Genocide in the
media or in the publications. The report mentions that the explanatory
statement of this article goes against the European Convention of Human
          The European Armenian Federation believes that when the European
Commission uses incorrect terms or doesn’t say anything about the Genocide
therefore censors it, it participates to Turkey’s denial. Hilda Tchoboian,
chairperson of the European Armenian Federation said: “Talking about the
Genocide without naming it, knowing that the Turkish penal code explicitl y
criminalizes its assertion gives an idea of the threat against the freedom of

speech, even though this revisionist state hasn’t integrated the EU yet.”
          The chairperson of the European Armenian Federation stated
that “Concerning the reconciliation on the Genocide, this is the duty of
to refer to the international practice and to the International Law : to
recognize, to apologize, to compensate, and to guarantee of not perpetrating
the Genocide again”. And she finally concluded with these words: “All the
constituents of the Armenian people want a real reconciliation in conformity
with the international rules and that guarantees the right to security and to

life of Armenians and Armenia”.


By Jean Ipdjian – Nicosia

Jean Ipdjian is a Melkonian graduate (Class of 1974) and The Editor
of “Artsagang”  monthly. You can contact him direct on
[email protected]

Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle behind the manic insistence of the
General Secretary of the United Nations Coffi Anan, the United States of
America and some members of the European Union and its Commission, for the
Plan to be accepted within unbelievably tight schedules as the only viable
for the solution of the Cyprus problem fell neatly into place.

     Finally, one can give a logical explanation to the unrelenting
of all those (the majority of the Greek Cypriots â^À^Ó 75%), who dared defy the
will of the United Nations a.k.a. the United States and vote â^À^ØNoâ^À^Ù for

     A few days ago the European Commission gave its recommendation to start
accession talks in December, for the eventual acceptance of Turkey into the
European Union. This recommendation has a long list of conditions attached to

it, that beautifully create such circumstances, so that the big
the Union can pull the plug or threaten to do so, every time their interests
are endangered. After all, Turkey is a very large country with enormous
potentials and Europe would love to find a way to have its markets but not

     Returning to the puzzle, it is common knowledge that the USA needs to
a vassal country like Turkey in the midst of the Europeans in addition to the

United Kingdom – whose influence has begun to founder -, in the age old
of â^À^Ødivide and ruleâ^À^Ù. However, the leaders of the European Union could
allow themselves to be seen to disregard all the principles upon which the
of Europe are based (i.e.  Democracy, freedom of speech, human rights and so
on) and accept Turkeyâ^À^Ùs application. So, on the one hand they coerced the
Turkish government to start a process of Europeanization, albeit
and since it was unthinkable for the average European voter to accept the
of a Turkey in the Union or closely associated with it, when that same Turkey

was occupying a European country, whether ins ide the Union or outside of it.

So, apart from the internal legislative and market changes, it was necessary
show that, after all, when presented with acceptable solutions, Turkey with
present government and policies could be a positive asset in the quest for
solutions to European problems.

     So, the USA and its chosen foreman Coffi Anan come up with a carefully
balanced and camouflaged plan, that on the one hand had the right amount of
handouts to excite the traditionally conformist leaders in the Greek Cypriot
leadership, while on the other hand, it would go just as far as it would
Turkey to be shown to be cooperating and â^À^Ømaintaining a positive stance
the quest for a solution of the Cyprus problemâ^À^Ù without essentially forcing
to abandon its claims over Cyprus and its declared aim to give the Turkish
Cypriots a state of their own, albeit under the very thin disguise of the
of federation as outlined in the Anan Plan. This, the European leaders could
live with. In fact, it did not matter to any of the parties cooking the Plan
whether the sides directly involved in the question (i.e. the Greek and
Cypriots) acc epted it or not.

     The aim had to be the exoneration of Turkey and to enable them to open
doors for its acceptance into the E.U. or its acquisition of special status
with the E.U. without damaging the refined principles of the European Union
a viz human rights, democracy and so on. Tragically, one of the main
the E.U. could muster regarding the revision of the Turkish penal code was
illegalization of adultery, while the fact that criticizing the decisions of
the Supreme Council regarding matters such as the Cyprus problem or the
recognition of the Armenian Genocide were made illegal got only mild
It is more tragic that the local Cypriot media, dancing to the same tune,
mentioned adultery more than the provisions regarding its own national
in the revised Turkish penal code. Adultery sells more newspapers and has
listeners, it seemsâ^À¦

     It is with great relief that today, thinking about all of the above, I
look back at the May referendum and thank god that we did not inadvertently
participate in the smoothing of Turkeyâ^À^Ùs path towards the European Union,
ideals and principles can mean so much to its people if and when its
politicians decide to abide by them.

          The Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the
of human rights defenders, Hina Jilani, will undertake a fact-finding mission

to the Republic of Turkey from 11 to 20 October 2004 at the invitation of the

          The Special Representative will assess the situation of human
defenders, and examine, in part icular, both the legal framework as well as
possible limitations on the right to defend human rights in the country. The
Special Representative has requested to meet, among others, with the Deputy
Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Ministers of Interior
Justice, the Human Rights Inquiry Commission of the Grand National Assembly,
the Presidents of the Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court, the
Prosecutor, and officials of the security forces including the police and the

counter-terrorism branch. She will also meet with a wide range of
representatives of civil society, including human rights defenders, the press

and officials of the United Nations and of diplomatic missions in the
The Special Representative is scheduled to visit Ankara, Diyarbakir,
and Izmir.
          Ms. Jilani will give a press conference in Ankara on the last
her visit, at which she will present her preliminary findings. A report
containing the Special Representative’s complete findings and recommendations

will be published early in 2005 and presented to the United Nations
on Human Rights in April 2005. Ms. Jilani, an advocate in the Supreme Court
Pakistan, was appointed Special Representative of the Secretary-General in
August 2000. The Republic of Turkey will be the seventh country she has
officially since the Commission on Human Rights created her mandate in April

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â^À¢ U.S. oil major Exxon Mobil’s hopes of a big oil strike on its flagship
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â^À¢ President Kocharian and his visiting Bulgarian counterpart, Georgi
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â^À¢ Azerbaijan has sent a letter to the Council of Europe demanding that
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â^À¢Armenian Radio Hour on The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation can be heard via
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â^À¢The Armenian Prelature announces that the next permit for the Armenian
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