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Speaker not opposed to Armenian MPs’ planned visit

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
Oct 13 2004

Commenting on Armenian parliament members’ planned visit to Baku to
participate in NATO’s “Rose Roth” seminar, parliament speaker Murtuz
Alasgarov said that Armenians’ arrival in the Azeri capital ‘is in
favor of Azerbaijan’. “I believe the visit of military officers is
different from that of diplomats,” said Alasgarov, recalling his
severe protest against Armenian officers’ planned participation in
the NATO exercises, originally scheduled in Baku for September but
later postponed.

The Speaker underlined that at the opening ceremony of the seminar
he inform the participants of the fact that Armenia occupies 20%
of Azerbaijan’s territory.

“I will urge the seminar attendees to voice their position on Armenia’s
aggression and pass a relevant decision on the matter,” he said.