Are USA And Azerbaijan To Decide The Fate Of Liberated Territories?


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Armenian Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanyan has recently been making
strange expressions over Karabakhi conflict settlement. In particular,
answering the question of Opposition MP Aram Sargssyan in Parliament
Minister said: “I see nothing to alarm for. Our diplomacy is in a
good state, the political processes pass the way they are to. We are
the one to give something. But we won’t give Karabakh.”

Vardan Oskanyan announced 6 years ago no one allowed us even to
dream of Karabakh out of Azerbaijan whereas now the international
society has resigned itself that version, Minister thinks. Of course,
it doesn’t mean that they will accept and declare about it but the
fact they have complied with it is beyond controversy for Oskanyan.

Oskanyan doesn’t remember “any serious state” to make a statement over
the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan at 6 recent years. Minister
says statements like that are made very carefully, without touching
upon the topic of Nagorno Karabakh.

By the way, Vardan Oskanyan generously agreed to the suggestion by Aram
Sargssyan that independence of Nagorno Karabakh must be recognized.

The most sensational statement of Vardan Oskanyan concerned the
agreement concluded between USA and Azerbaijan over stationing USA
military groups in the liberated territories, which are under control
of Armenian forces. “To tell the truth, it’s the task of Azerbaijan
and USA. But I don’t consider it real. I don’t think USA to make such
a decision”, he said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress