Student Board Is Against The Decision Of Authorities


A1 Plus | 15:04:16 | 13-10-2004 | Social |

“We express our anxiety for the statement made by various instances
of Armenia saying Armenia is going to send a group of 50 members
to Iraq”. Members of about 30 social organizations and the student
boards of Institutes of Higher Education oppose the intention of
Armenian Authorities.

It is noteworthy that exactly Coalition leadership, in which ARF
members are enrolled, has made the decision on sending a military
group to Iraq whereas “Nikol Aghbalyan” student board of ARF is the
organizer of the youth’ protest action over the same problem.

Alarm of the young people is that because of spreading the information
about the initiative of the Armenian Authorities on some Arabian TV
Companies the relations between Iraqi population and the Armenian
commune of 20.000 exacerbate. “Iraqi population treats the step
as a betrayal by Armenians, irrespective of the fact that doctors
and sappers will represent the 50-men group”, Ishkhan Saghatelyan,
Chairman of ARF “Nikol Aghbalyan” student board is sure.

“Nikol Aghbalyan” student board of ARF intends to formulate its
disagreement statement in a letter and address it to the same Armenian