Opposition Keeps Accusing


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The opposition MPs were very active at Tuesday’s parliamentary hour
of announcements. They spoke mostly on Karabakh problem. Shavarsh
Kocharyan said Karabakh had found itself out of negotiation process
thanks to the current authorities. In his words, Armenia is seeking
international recognition for Karabakh while it hasn’t recognized the
republic formally. He said only after power transfer Nagorno-Karabakh
Republic’s independence will be recognized.

MP Tatul Manaseryan brought his economic analysis to show the desperate
situation Armenia found itself.

Victor Dallakyan remembered the 2003 rigged elections and said the
republic’s all troubles caused by the illegitimate authorities that
must be ousted from power with all their supporters.

Vardan Lazarian announced about the rally the opposition will hold
on October 27 to mark anniversary of terrorist attack on Armenian
National Assembly.