Jews To Attack Archbishop Nurhan Manukian


13 Oct 04

Yaser Arafat, president of Palestinian National Authority, condemned
the Israelitesâ^À^Ù attack on Deputy Armenian Patriarch Archbishop
Nurhan Manukian. Arafat held a telephone conversation with archbishop
inquiring about his health following a wanton assault as he was leading
the religious procession of the Orthodox Armenians, Palestinian Wafa
news agency reports.

A group of Jews assailed the religious procession of the Orthodox
Armenians in the morning of October 10. The procession set off from
the Armenian Patriarchate and passed through Hebron Gate and Suwayqiyat
Allun to reach the Christian neighborhood where a mass was to be held
at the Church of Holy Sepulchre in the holy city of Jerusalem. They
ripped the cross off the archbishopâ^À^Ùs chest, slapped him and
threw his mitre on the ground in an extremely aggressive way that
showed disrespect for men of religion.