BAKU: Azeri MP throws “bus” remark back at US presidential hopefulKe

Azeri MP throws “bus” remark back at US presidential hopeful Kerry

Ekho, Baku
12 Oct 04

Test of report by R. Orucov in Azerbaijani newspaper Ekho on 12 October
headlined ” Azerbaijani MP exposes the US presidential candidate”,
subheaded “Mais Safarli is displeased with John Kerry’s statements”

A statement made by US presidential hopeful Senator John Kerry
last week that Azerbaijan “should be thrown under a bus” has caused
political uproar in Baku (Ekho has already reported on this).

MP Mais Safarli answered Kerry from the rostrum of [the Azerbaijani]
parliament. As is known, the senator enjoys much support from the
Armenian diaspora in the USA. Ekho got in touch with Safarli,
requesting him to comment on the attitude to the issue that he
expressed in parliament.

“America is the cradle of democracy, or at least, it aspires to this
status. Of course, all election processes should proceed in this
country within the framework of democracy and the law,” the MP said.

“However, some candidates standing for the US presidency behave
immorally towards certain peoples and states. John Kerry made very
critical remarks about Azerbaijan. Of course, this is all down to
pressure from the Armenian lobby in the USA,” he said.

Safarli dwelt specifically on Kerry’s offensive remarks that Azerbaijan
“should be thrown under a bus”. I had something very sharp to say
about this. I said that these offensive remarks against Azerbaijan
were was just the sort of thing that one could expect from someone
from whose face one can tell that they themselves have been under the
wheels of a bus and now can’t think straight. Apart from that I said
that such speeches do not become a citizen of America – a country
which aspires to the title of bulwark of lawfulness and democracy.

Safarli also said he thought that one could expect something like this
only from Kerry because “this person is living on the dirty money of
Armenian terrorists and separatists”.

Meanwhile, all this is very sad and offensive since Azerbaijan is
an ally of the USA in the region. All the interests of the USA,
specifically its economic interests have been actually protected in
Azerbaijan. We are closely cooperating with the USA in the fight
against international terrorism. We feel insulted and therefore,
I decided to have a strong go at Kerry, the MP said.