We have to solve our problems on our own

We have to solve our problems on our own

October 08, 2004

If you can remember any instances when the Azeri, Georgian or Turkish
media used publications in the Armenian press, statements made by
the Armani politicians or research works of the Armenian analysts in
order to criticize their countriesâ^À^Ù policies or leadership then
you can stop reading this article.

We want to speak about those Armenian â^À^Üanalystsâ^À^Ý, politicians,
journalists and media that suffer from excessive inclination towards
foreign sources, those who like referring to such sources in order to
ground their â^À^Üanalysisâ^À^Ý of the political processes in Armenia.

Not all the countries can boast that any hostile statements
(hostile and not critical) about the country and its politics can
immediately appear in the media of that country that are so obsessed
with freedom of speech. It is really absurd to see that Armenian
media refer to Azeri newspapers in their articles on the Armenian
opposition. Naturally, journalists who write such articles had to
address a Georgianâ^À^Ùs statement on the legitimacy of the Armenian

We say this is natural because some of our political leaders tend
to use the foreign analystsâ^À^Ù opinions to back up their own
assessments of the political situation in the country. They are simply
not able to understand one reality that is clear for any person who
has self-respect and dignity â^À^Ó whether our state, our political
leadership or our opposition are good or bad, this is our job and
the foreigners are not in a position to teach us on this issue. If
democracy in Armenia is not on an adequate level, Azerbaijani Mili
Mejlis deputy is not the proper person to improve the situation.

And before agreeing with him, the Armenian National Assembly deputy
should realize that Armeniaâ^À^Ùs democratization is hardly the main
concern for Azerbaijan, doubtlessly an â^À^Üexemplarâ^À^Ý democratic
country. With the same logic, legitimacy in our country is not the
main concern of our other neighbor.

Let us repeat â^À^Ó this does not mean that everything in Armenia is
going smoothly in terms of democracy or that there are no reasons
for criticism. But this is our job, these are our problems and our
drawbacks, and we have to solve them ourselves.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress