Turkish Press To Refute Kerry’s Readiness To Recognize ArmenianGenoc

Turkish Press To Refute Kerry’s Readiness To Recognize Armenian Genocide

12 Oct 04

The US presidential elections will take place on November 2. Armenians
as well as many other nations of the world pursue their goals in
the US elections. John Kerry’s words that he “will fight against
denial of the Armenian Genocide” made the Armenians of America give
preference to Kerry. Turkey, on the contrary, wants to see Bush taking
the second term.

Turkey considers failures of Bush’s administration in Iraq as grounds
for Kerry’s victory and fears that the Turkish-American discords will
make him keep his promise. Turkey also is well aware that senator
Kerry was a supporter of the Armenian issues in the Senate.

John Kerry wrote in a letter to the Armenian National Committee of
America on an occasion of a festival organized for his support on
August 28: “As a president of the USA I will fight against denial
of the Armenian Genocide, my administration will acknowledge April
24 of 2005 as 90-th anniversary of these atrocities, and I will do
everything that people learn from these crimes in order to prevent
future genocides. There may be no compromise in this moral issue”.

He also urged the Armenians to go and vote for him and Edwards
on November 2. Around 800 Armenian participants of the festival
expressed their willingness to support John Kerry.

The letter stirred up both Armenian and Turkish circles. While the
Diaspora and Armenia were exited over the fact, Turkey and Turkish
community of the US were opposing to it.

While Turkish analysts and political observers were speaking of the
possibility of Genocide recognition in case Kerry took the office,
Zaman in October 8 issue puts under the suspicion the existence of
such a letter and thus, Kerry’s promise to Armenians.

The Turkish newspaper writes: “Answering Zaman’s questions, John Kerry
refuted the claims of Armenians as regards his recognition of the
Armenian genocide. Kerry noted that though he supported senator Robert
Dahlâ^À^Ùs initiative in 1990, he mentioned of genocide neither during
the electorial campaign nor in the past 10 years. “Turkey is among
the oldest allies of America and will always be candidate Kerry said”.

The Zaman correspondent had the chance to meet Kerry at the
Democratic convention in Washington October 2. “Your statements about
acknowledging Armenian genocide greatly disappointed Turkish society
and American voters of Turkish origin”, he said. “When did I say
that?”, Kerry asked with amazement. When the correspondent reminded
about the Armenian festival Kerry refuted everything and noted that
he never said anything like that during last 10 years.

The Zaman writes in the meantime that no American newspaper
responded to Kerry â^À^Ùs statement nor even it was included in the
candidate’s homepage.

It’s interesting by what chance the Turkish journalist appeared at
the Democratic convention and how he managed to come up to Kerry
surrounded by American journalists. What we know is that the article
is signed by Mustafa Sungur and that it casts a false color on reality.

By Hakob Chakrian