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“Dialogue and Cooperation among Religions

Essential for the World Today”

Affirms His Holiness Aram I

Antelias, Lebanon – Hundreds of students, professors, and Swedish
citizens attended a lecture delivered by His Holiness Aram I,
Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, at the University of Uppsala,
Sweden. Included in the large audience was Archbishop K. G. Hammar,
the head of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, as well as a number of
prominent bishops and theologians.

His Holiness’s lecture was on the inter-religious dialogue and its
implications on Ecumenical Movement. The Catholicos described the
meaning of religion in various contexts. He covered three basic points:
1. Living Together. 2. Reflecting Together. 3. Working Together. He
emphasized the importance of dialogue, as a way of life in the
world today.

At the conclusion of his lecture, His Holiness answered questions
from the audience. The lecture was followed with a reception in
the University’s large reception hall where the President of the
University praised His Holiness’s visit and expressed thanks for his
role in promotion of theological education, as well as for his efforts
to expand inter-church and inter-religious dialogue. The President
presented His Holiness with a distinguished gift from the University
in the presence of more than 100 lecturers.


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