UConn wins $500,000 for Armenian studies program

Oct 9 2004

UConn wins $500,000 for Armenian studies program

(Storrs-AP, Oct. 9, 2004 11:50 AM) _ The University of Connecticut
has won a half- million grant to restart an Armenian studies program.

The gift is from Alice Norian who died five years ago. She once
viewed an exhibit of Armenian rugs and other artifacts in the early
1980s at the university.

Norian was a long-time Enfield elementary school teacher who
graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University. When she died
with no heirs, she bequeathed 504 thousand dollars to U-Conn. The
endowment is expected to be supplemented by a 252 thousand dollar
state grant.

The new program will expand an exchange program, offer an annual
lecture series, provide courses on culture and history and develop
publications to help educate Americans about the southeast European