Armenian fashion graces Mass.

Reading Advocate, MA
Oct 8 2004

Armenian fashion graces Mass.

AIWA New England Affiliate is sponsoring an Armenian fashion show on
Oct. 10 at the Heritage Museum in Lexington.

According to Eva Medzorian, chairwoman of AIWA New England
Affiliate, the group’s goal for undertaking the presentation is to
introduce Americans to Armenian culture through the arts which have
played an important role in Armenia over the centuries.

“Their indomitable spirit, intelligence and whit has helped them
survive many conflicts, wars, earthquakes, and genocides endangering
their very existence on earth,” Medzorian said. “I had the
opportunity to become acquainted with the Design Department of the
Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts last year while I was in Armenia.
I was horrified at their lack of material resources. Their building
needs renovation: the many talented students lack graphic design
computers or even more basic sewing machines to use for their fashion
designs. How wonderful, I thought to myself, if we can supply them
with some of these essentials, while exposing their creativity to an
American audience.”

Medzorian said a fashion show is a wonderful way for people to
see with their own eyes the creative Armenian spirit blossoming in
Armenia today, alive and well. She brought her ideas to AIWA’s New
England affiliate and received immediate and full-hearted support.
The project is in keeping with the goals of AIWA to encourage
entrepreneurship and to promote young talent, she said.

“We are thrilled to be able to present an exciting evening of
bountiful surprises and beautiful contemporary fashions designed and
made by students of the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts and their
instructors,” Medzorian said. “The fashions from Armenia will debut
in New England Sunday, Oct. 10, 5 p.m. at National Heritage Museum in
Lexington. This event, the first of its kind to be held in the USA,
has peaked public interest. I strongly encourage you to order your
tickets early in order not to be left out.”

Helping to coordinate the program will be four accomplished
designers from Armenia who will present their unique fashions. Nune
Aghbalyan and Anna Panosyan, instructors at the Academy’s Textile
Department, will dazzle people with their recent creations. Their
resumes include degrees and design coursework in Berlin, Paris and
Barcelona. Kevork Chadoian, 30-year-old, brilliant designer and 2004
graduate from the Academy will present an elegantly designed Armenian
Wedding Suite that will bring sheer joy to the heart. ATEX Fashion
Salon proprietor, Karine Hakobyan will show her beautiful collection
which will include unique fashions embellished with Marash and Aintab

The Fashion and Textile Design Chair was joined to the Design
Department of the Academy in 1999 after overcoming great hardships.
The department aims to give students a sound education, emphasizing
theory and practice a free way of thinking about composition, and
insight on how to find correct functional solutions.

“I was with the graduating class students of the Academy on May
31 when they took their final exams to earn their diploma after five
years of study,” Medzorian said. “I was overwhelmed by their artistic

Diligently working with Medzorian on the committee are Makrouhi
Terzian, Seta Sullivan, Olga Proudian, Gina Hablanian, Maro Adourian
and Lianna Sarkisova.

“We look forward to seeing you at this memorable event. Come
share an evening of love and beauty,” Medzorian said.