Armenian MPs Joined But Couldn’t Help NKR

A1 Plus | 21:48:22 | 07-10-2004 | Politics | PACE FALL SESSION |


For the first time the representatives of Armenian Authorities and
Opposition made speeches in CE without contradicting each
other. Before referring to the main subject, all the Armenian MPs
dwelt on the speeches of Azeri MPs.

“Yes, we have many unsettled issues. But Azerbaijan is not the one to
point at solution to them. Azerbaijan conditions all the problems it
has by Armenia. It remains only that they blame us for their political
prisoners”, Armen Rustamyan said.

Mr. Rustamyan reminded CE members about the Sumgayit events and added
though a truce was declared in 1994, Azerbaijan keeps waging a war
till now, holding a blockade etc.

Shavarsh Kocharyan called upon Azerbaijanians not to draw parallels
between Beslan and NKR. “People in Karabakh fight for living freely on
their land. Before committing the recent terror acts, Shamil Basaev
had sent his men to Karabakh to carry war against Armenians. Dear
Azerbaijanians, don’t throw stones at the house of your neighbour
while yours is made of glass”, Shavarsh Kocharyan stated.

Azeri MPs reminded CE leadership about Robert Kocharyan’s speech in
Strasburg and announced that it runs counter to CE principles and
standards. “What can one expect from an invader country? The president
of that country publicly announced here that he is proud of having
participated in occupation of our territories. After such a statement
Armenia can’t be a CE member. That state represents a danger to both
Azerbaijan and Europe”, Azeri MP Molazade said.

Armenian MP Gurgen Arsenyan counterattacked Mr. Molazade: “I just
learnt that my country represents a danger to Europe. Maybe to China,
too? I remind from this rostrum that my president had said he was
proud of participation in defence for his homeland. Mr. Arsenyan
assured CE members: “Armenian people accept that democracy has no
alternative and must be guided by those principles”.

The 11th of the changes being discussed at this sitting concerned NKR
issue. In case of accepting the suggestion NKR could be enrolled in
the negotiation process. “No essential progress occurs in NKR
negotiations because Karabakh doesn’t partake in the talks”.

Though the speeches of our MPs were successful, CE didn’t involve the
change in the report. It was rejected by 14 pros, 32 cons and 2