Villagers Gather In Angry Protest


A1 Plus | 15:47:08 | 28-09-2004 | Social |

Residents of Charishat, a village of Armenia’s Shirak region, gathered
Tuesday outside the presidential seat in Yerevan demanding to give
them their cattle back or compensation of $8,000.

The thing is that 26 heads of cattle were stolen on June 9 with alleged
implication of Armenian and Russian border guards in that. Villagers
say the cattle were sold to Turkey.

The villagers’ suspicion is grounded on the assumption that one can’t
cut barbed wire without being noticed as the border is secured by
reliable alarm system.

Law enforcement officers tried to break up the protest action by
pushing the protesters and threatening to take them in custody.

Four months have passed since investigation was launched into the
incident. However, no sign of imminent progress is seen so far.

After their failed attempt to find justice near the president’s
residence, the demonstrators went to National Assembly and reached
no success.

Then they headed the way for Russian Embassy in Armenia.

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