Dallaqyan Signing Under Oskanyan’s Statement



‘Justice’ Bloc Secretary Viktor Dallaqyan labeled the statement by
Armenian FM Vardan Oskanyan who said `Karabakh is priceless’ as the
one of a field commander but announced he was as well signing under
it. But Dallaqyan disagrees to the standpoint of the Minister that
Armenia can progress without participating in the regional
developments, without railway, gas pipe line and opened frontiers.

Mr. Dallaqyan drew parallels between the present Armenia and the one
in the beginning of the last century saying he had found numerous
similarities between those 2 states, particularly how they both became
independent, their problems with the neighboring countries, June of
1919 when Authorities falsified the election results, etc.

Viktor Dallaqyan advised to look through `People’ Newspaperof People’s
Party of Armenia of that time. The party boycotted the elections and
the newspaper published it.

Talking about settlement of Karabakhi conflict, Dallaqyan again said
that the not elected president, who doesn’t enjoy trust of people,
canâ=80=99t find solution to the problem. `When in 1999 December in
Istanbul Kocharyan signed the paper on recognition of the territorial
integrity of Azerbaijan, Karabakhi problem reached a deadlock’, he

He also considers risky that some super states – Russia, China, have
started announcing that they recognize the territorial integrity of
Azerbaijan. Dallaqyan called such developments as the `consequence of
the weak policy conducted by the not elected Authorities’.

The standpoint saying the Azerbaijani Authorities are anti-popular and
not elected, either, but the international society mainly shows
stances not favorable for Armenians, was posed to Dallaqyan combined
with the question on what ` Justice’ Bloc version over the conflict
settlement was: `The principle of self-determination of the nations
and recognition of Karabakh as a negotiating part’ , he said.

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