BAKU: Turkish envoy says Azerbaijan should grant visas to Armenianof

Turkish envoy says Azerbaijan should grant visas to Armenian officers

Azad Azarbaycan TV, Baku
9 Sep 04

[Presenter Namiq Aliyev] The Turkish ambassador to Azerbaijan,
Ahmet Unal Cevikoz, believes that official Baku should grant visas
to the Armenian officers to take part in the NATO exercises [on 13-26
September]. He explains his position by the Azerbaijani government’s
commitments to NATO.

[Cevikoz speaking to journalists in Turkish] The Armenians’ involvement
in the Azerbaijan-hosted exercises is a very sensitive issue. But
one should bear in mind that after joining the Partnership for Peace
Programme, Azerbaijan made commitments regarding its relations with
NATO. One of these commitments is to give an opportunity to all NATO
members and partners to take part in exercises on its territory. If
Armenia wants to observe the Azerbaijan-hosted exercises and has
appealed over the issue, Azerbaijan should provide this opportunity.

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