57th Annual DPI/NGO Conference

57th Annual DPI/NGO Conference
Millennium Development Goals: Civil Society Takes Action
8-10 September 2004
United Nations Headquarters, New York

This year’s DPI/NGO Conference aims to support the worldwide efforts
to mobilize civil society behind the Millennium Development Goals. It
is a Conference with a practical, substantive and activist agenda
that arises from urgent concerns and pressing deadlines.

The Conference brings together a diverse group of presenters, including
UN officials, government representatives, MDG campaign activists,
media representatives, academics and, most importantly, people from
the front lines where the urgent need for the implementation of the
MDGs is most clearly felt.

The plenary sessions are organized to present an overall picture of
the Goals. Our speakers will assess the current status of the MDGs,
address obstacles that threaten their realization, share innovative
approaches to partnerships and discuss civil society campaigns that
are effective at stimulating broader public awareness and support
for replicable and sustainable programmes and campaigns.

Intolerance, Terrorism and Community Policing

Sponsored by the International Associates of Applied Psychology and
African Human Rights Heritage

Conference Room D

Clashes caused by intolerance of cultural differences and societal
values, religious practices, and political systems impede progress
in implementing the MDGs.

This workshop will explore the nature of these obstacles and present
psychological best practices to mitigate them. Speakers will discuss
the role of community-based peacebuilding, good governance and
socio-economic cooperation in keeping with the United Nations motto
“from words to actions” for MDG achievement.

Moderator: Michael Frese, President, International Associates of
Applied Psychology, United Kingdom and Germany

Speakers: Baffour Anning, International Chairman, African Human Rights
Heritage, Ghana Judy Kuriansky, Professor, Columbia University
Teacherâ^À^Ùs College Anie Kalayjian, Adjunct Professor of
Psychology, Fordham University Mosche Banai, Professor of Management,
Baruch College, City University of New York

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