ARKA News Agency – 09/03/2004


ARKA News Agency
Sept 3 2004

On September 5 the President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan will
leave for Poland with an official visit by the invitation of Polish
President Aleksander Kwasniewski. According to the RA President’s
Press Service Department, meetings with the President of Poland,
the Leadership of Sejm and Senate as well as the Prime Minister of
Poland are planned within the framework of the visit. Also, Bilateral
agreements on military cooperation and joint fight against organized
crime as well as a memorandum on cooperation between the Union of SME
of Poland and the RA Ministry of Trade and Economic Development are
to be signed. The main goal of the visit of the Polish delegation
to Armenia, which will last till September 7, is to stimulate the
development of intergovernmental relations, define the priority
directions and tasks for the economic cooperation between the two
countries, as well as exchange opinions regarding the most actual
goals of an international interest.

The diplomatic relations between Armenia and Poland have been
established since Feb 26, 1992. In 1998 an Armenian Embassy was
opened in Warsaw, and the Polish Embassy in Armenia – on Jan 27,
2001. The first visit of the RA President Robert Kocharyan to Poland
took place on July 13-15, 1999. The visit of the Polish President
Aleksander Kwasniewski to Armenia took place on November 14-16, 2001.

According to RA National Statistics Service, the trade turnover
between Armenia and Poland in Jan-July 2004 made $2068,6 thsd. versus
$2042 thsd during the analogous period of 2003. At that, the volume of
export made $28,1 thsd. for the first 7 months of 2004 (in 2003 -$129,5
thsd.), and import -$2040,5 thsd. (in 2003-$1912,5 thsd.). A.H.–0–

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