Armenian-Russian joint war games over

Aug 30 2004


YEREVAN, AUGUST 30, ARMENPRESS: “No incidents have been reported
during Armenian-Russian joint military exercises. The military
divisions have completely fulfilled the tasks put before them,”
Armenian defense minister Serz Sargssian told a press conference
rapping up Armenian-Russian military exercises which closed on Aug
27. According to him, “the assessments from both Armenian and Russian
sides say that the war games have passed smoothly and served their
The chief of command of Russian armed forces in Transcaucasus,
General-Lieutenant Alexander Studenikin noted that “he is deeply
satisfied with today’s military awareness.”
Armenian Russian 9th joint military exercises held in Marshal
Bagramian Training Ground in Armenia passed in accordance with the
plan developed by Armenian and Russian military command chiefs. The
games were held on the legal grounds put within Collective Security
Treaty and an agreement signed between Armenian and Russian
presidents in September, 2000.
On the Armenian side, a motorized rifle regiment reinforced by a
tank battalion, a reagent artillery battery, two intelligence groups,
a de-mining company, two Su-25 fighters and three Mi-4 helicopters
participated in the exercise. On the Russian side, it was a common to
all arms regiment reinforced by two artillery and one reagent
artillery batteries.
In the final phase of the war games two motorized rifle regiments
reinforced by two fighters and four helicopters participated. The
situational game was that “Northerners” start an aggression against
“Southerners” on Aug 18 conducting air fight in the course of 5 days
and later organizing a land attack in Kars-Leninakan and Kars-Igdir
directions. During the three days of their attack they manage to pass
through the defense of Southerners in Kirovakan-Igdir direction.
Northerners re-distribute their joint operative reserve forces in
order to develop attack on Aragats-Igdir direction and, completing
the destruction of “Southerners”, enter into the banks of Arax river.
The “Northerners” can use one motorized rifle regiment and one
infantry brigade. “Southerners” however, manage to keep their
defensive position in Leninakan-Kars direction causing considerable
damage to the enemy. “Southerners” prepare for defense in
Aragats-Igdir direction stopping further advancement of the combatant
According to the idea of war games, Russian and Armenian motorized
rifle regiments defend themselves in the first operative echelon
using part of their forces in the defense front line. After the
aggression launches, these regiments push back air attacks of the
enemy. Later they engage in the front line and lead fights of
destroying intelligence services of the combatant. In the
counter-attack, the “Southerners” recover their positions in the
front line and successfully destroy the enemy forces deploying
favorable positions.
Some 609 targets and miniatures were deployed at Baghramian
training ground.
Upon the completion of the war games, S. Sargssian and A.
Studenikin handed over awards, certificates and other valuable gifts
to some outstanding soldiers and officers. Then they greeted the
ceremonial march of the war game divisions.