A monument to WWII Hungarian & Armenian soldiers unveiled

Aug 30 2004


YEREVAN, AUGUST 30, ARMENPRESS: The Hungarian delegation, headed by
Hungarian defense ministry deputy state secretary Vanperne Balok
Agnesh, participated in the ceremonial opening of a monument honoring
Hungarian war prisoners who died in Armenia and Armenian soldiers
killed in Hungary during World War II.
Head of Hungarian institute-museum of military history,
General-Major, Josef Kholno said that the monument symbolizes the
history long friendship between the two nations. According to him,
the two nations had a similar historic past and even had a common
enemy – Mongol Tatars and Osman Turks. Josef Kholno mentioned that
Armenians have lived in Hungary since 10th century. Speaking on WWII,
the General-Major said that though Hungarians were enrolled in the
war on the side of German army, Hungarian military officers did not
take part in political decisions. During the days, Hungarian war
prisoners were kept in labor camps in Armenia and many Armenian were
kept in Hungary as war prisoners. Many of them did not come back.
Armenian defense minister Serz Sargssian praised highly the
attitude of Hungarian government to its soldiers. Irrespective of
time, a state must be interested in its soldiers and honor their
memory, he said.
The present put wreaths to the memorial and honored the dead with
a minute of silence. Similar monument has been erected in Hungary.
The Hungarian delegation visited the memorial to the victims of
1915 Genocide. Speaking on his impressions from Tsitsernakaberd,
Vanperne Balok Agnesh said that all the nations throughout the world
should strive that such a crime is not repeated. It was mentioned
that the Hungarian parliament will rise the issue of recognition of
Armenian Genocide.