ARKA News Agency – 08/27/2004

ARKA News Agency
Aug 27 2004

Armenian PM welcomes participants to Pan-Armenian Educational Forum

Armenian PM and Danish Foreign Minister discuss modern status of
bilateral relations



YEREVAN, August 27. /ARKA/. The Armenian PM Andranik Margarian
welcomed the participants to the Pan-Armenian Education Forum. As the
Armenian Government Public and Press Relations Department told ARKA,
in his welcome speech the Head of the Armenian Government mentioned
that during the recent years consecutive steps are being undertaken
in organization of Pan-Armenian cultural, business forums and
assemblies `that are called to consolidate new potential of maximal
support of prosperity of our state and strengthening of
Armenian-Diaspora relations’. In this relation, the Head of the
Armenian Government attached a great importance to holding of
educational forum in the country, expressing confidence that it will
give a deep analyses and evaluation of educational reforms in the
country and there will be held relevant discussions, devoted to
cultural and educational life of the Diaspora. T.M. -0–



YEREVAN, August 27. /ARKA/. The Armenian PM Andranik Margarian and
the Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig M?ller discussed the modern
status of the bilateral relations between two countries. As the
Armenian Government Public and Press Relations Department told ARKA,
during the meeting the sides mentioned necessity of development of
economic relations as well as political cooperation between two
states. In Margarian’s words, mutual visits, the first among which is
the Danish Foreign Minister’s visit can promote this in considerable
As it is mentioned in the press release, the parties also touched
upon the issue of the EU-Armenia relations. At that, the Danish
Foreign Minister reporting that Denmark is going to become the Member
of the EU Security Council, asked the Head of the Armenian Government
to present its position around eurointegration processes in Armenia
and the regional development. In Margarian’s opinion, appointment of
EU Special Representative in South Caucasus witnesses on the EU’s
increasing interest toward the region. In his words, the June’s
decree of the EU’s summit on inclusion of the South Caucasus states
in the European Neighborhood program is targeted at that. Stressing
the importance of establishing long-term peace and preservation of
the stability in the region, Margarian presented Armenia’s position
toward today’s status and Armenia’s relations with its neighbors.
Touching upon the EU’s cooperation related to the Nagorno Karabakh
conflict settlement issue, the Armenian PM once more confirmed the
Armenian Government’s position that the issue should be settled
peacefully and the OSCE Minsk Group support is aimed at this. In his
opinion, implementation of `Enlarged Europe. New European
Neighborhood’ program will be a new stimulus for solution of the
Nagorno Karbakh as well as other regional conflicts.
Margarian also mentioned that the EU-Armenia relations development
promotes also the development of bilateral, mutually profitable,
Armenian-Danish economic relations. At that the priority sphere of
bilateral economic cooperation, in the Armenian PM’s opinion can be
energy sector. In this regard he attached importance to the use of
the Danish experience in creation of alternative sources of energy.
T.M. -0–