Tehran: Armenia central bank governor welcomes closer ties with CBI

Tehran Times
Aug 26 2004

Armenia’s central bank governor welcomes closer ties with CBI

MOSCOW (IRNA) — Governor of Central Bank of Armenia Wednesday in a
meeting with Iranian ambassador to Yerevan Alireza Haghaqian stressed
strengthening bilateral economic and financial cooperation between
the two nations.

Tigran Sarkisian said that Armenia attaches importance to it
relations with Iran based on mutual respect.

He further added that closer cooperation with Iran can be positive in
reducing Armenia’s economic problems.

Iranian ambassador also said the two countries should use their
banking capabilities in joint projects.

The two nations have forged close economic and trade relations.

Armenian President Robert Kocharian said here in July that
Iran-Armenia gas pipeline project is of great importance to Yerevan.

ArmeRuss Gazprom and Gazprom companies voiced readiness in June to
contribute to Iran-Armenia gas pipeline project.

The two companies have started feasibility study on the technical and
economic aspects of the project and a group of engineers, being
members of the working group, visited the regions in Armenia from
where the pipeline is going to pass.

Experts believe that Iran-Armenia pipeline project is of strategic
importance to Armenia for not passing the critical spots in northern
Caucasus and Georgia.

Iran and Armenia signed agreement on the 142-km gas pipeline project
in 2001, under which the republic would receive 1,500,000 cubic
meters of gas from Iran a day.