Journalists Attacked in Tsakhkadzor


YEREVAN, AUGUST 24. ARMINFO. Two journalists, the correspondent of the
“Aravot” newspaper Anna Israelyan and the photographer of the
“Fotolur” agency Mkhitar Khachatryan, have been attacked in
Tsakhkadzor, Armenia.

The Radio Free Europe reports that the journalists were preparing a
material on environmental protection. In particular, Mkhitar
Khachatryan had taken a number of pictures of private
houses. Approaching a house, which, as was found out later, belongs to
Vice-Chief of the RA Police Armen Yeritsyan, Khachatryan took one
picture, after which some persons came up to him and demanded that he
stop photographing. When the journalists came to the Writers’ Holiday
Home, the same persons, who were already waiting for them, attacked
the journalists, crying out “Do you know whose territory you have
photographed? Do you know what we will do to you for that?” They
seized the digital camera from Khachatryan and took the memory card
out. The journalist received several blows on the head.

Anna Israelyan said that the attackers were body-guards of the
Parliament member Levon Sargsyan. According to her, Director of the
Holiday Home Movses Manugyan tried to interfere, but one of the
attackers insulted him.

The Yerevan Press Club and the Union of Journalists of Armenia intend
to make a statement.