Armenian-Russian planned exercises started

Aug 25 2004


YEREVAN, AUGUST 25, ARMENPRESS: Joint Armenian-Russian planned
exercises started yesterday in Armenian Marshal Baghramian training
ground which will last until Aug 27, Seiran Shahsuvarian, Armenian
defense ministry press secretary told Armenpress. Servicemen from the
102nd Russian military base stationed in Gyumri are taking part in
the exercises from the Russian side. Different branches of heavy
armed forces including fighting and assault aircraft and artillery
will be involved in the exercises. Armenia will come up with enhanced
motorized rifle regiment. Reporters accredited at the ministry of
defense will also participate in summing up of results.
Armenian-Russian planned military games were held in September,
last year. President and chief of armed forces Robert Kocharian,
prime minister Andranik Margarian, government officials, Armenian
chief of staff of armed forces, General-Colonel Michael Harutunian,
military attaches accredited in Armenian embassies participated in
the closing ceremony. Last year the games were described as
“successful and positive.”