Six Armenian pilots on trial in Equatorial Guinea over alleged plot

Six Armenian pilots on trial in Equatorial Guinea over alleged plot

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
23 Aug 04

Presenter Six Armenian pilots, who are accused of plotting to
overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea, are on trial.

The Armenian leadership is sure that the Armenian pilots were not
involved in the plot. The Armenian Foreign Ministry said that the
pilots have already been appointed a local defence attorney. This is
(?Pansiano Mubombo Nubuen) who has already met the pilots and talked
to the Armenian ambassador to Egypt, Samvel Manasaryan. A spokesman
for the Armenian Foreign Ministry told “Aylur” news programme that the
attorney has promised to use all his skills to prove that the Armenian
pilots are not guilty.

Gamlet Gasparyan, spokesman for the Armenian Foreign Ministry,
captioned We have not yet any information about the trial because of
the time difference. Under the country’s laws, the local defence
attorney has been appointed. The attorney has met the pilots at the
end of last week. Our diplomats have met various officials of this
country and held talks with them to present Armenia’s position.

As you know the Armenian president Robert Kocharyan also sent a letter
to the Equatorial Guanine leadership. Armenia has taken various steps
and addressed various countries and international organizations,
asking them to assist our pilots. Armenia is doing its best in order
to solve this problem as soon as possible.