Sargis Harutyunyan Invites Arshak Sadoyan to Debate


YEREVAN, AUGUST 21. ARMINFO. “I am ready to invite the Parliament
member Arshak Sadoyan to debate over training us, the newcomers’, as
he expressed himself, politics,” Vice-Chairman of the Youth
Progressive Party of Armenia Sargis Harutyunyan told a press
conference, commenting on Sadoyan’s statements during his interview to
the “Epicenter” program yesterday.

According to Harutyunyan, Sadoyan made a laughing stock of their party
by stating that it is ridiculous to hear “newcomers to politics”
talking about the defense of the country’s citizens. Responding to the
statement, Harutyunyan pointed out that defending citizens’ interests
is each person’s duty. “Sadoyan solves the problems of citizens that
apply to him due to his authority, but not due to his deputy mandate,
as he himself admits, whereas our party is carrying out such
activities during direct contacts with the population,” Harutyunyan
said. Elaborating on the subject, he pointed out that it is Arshak
Sadoyan that is laughed at in the country. “His time as a respectable
Armenian parliamentarian has passed. Instead of laughing at any young
parties, he would better assist their political activities,”