First Web Programming Competition in September in Armenia


YEREVAN, August 20 (Noyan Tapan). From September 13 the first web
programming competition will start in Armenia. 17-30-year-old
specialists mastering Windows or Linux operation systems and Java/JSP
or PHP programming languages may participate in the competition. The
competition is organized by the Union of Information Technologies’
Enterprises, the “Incubator of Enterprises” fund and “Lycos Armenia”
company. Bids for participation in the competition will be received
till September 9 through Internet, by address. Arman
Valesian, the Executive Director of the Union of Information
Technologies’ Enterprises, reported at the August 20 press conference
that the goal of the competition is to reveal high-quality young
specialists of the web programming sphere. According to him, besides
the organizers, some companies of the sphere, Unicomp, Migma, CIT and
others will also hand prizes to the best participants of the
competition. It was mentioned that the winners of the competition will
receive computer accessories, monetary prizes, as well as proposals of
job. Hovhannes Avoyan, the Chairman of UITE, the Director of the
“Lycos Armenia” company, expressed a hope that like the first
Pan-Armenian programming competition held in late June this
competition also will pass successfully. To recap, more than 400
programmers from Armenia and Syria participated in the Pan-Armenian
competition. The best 10-15 participants of the competition have
already received invitations of job from different organizations of
the sphere.