BAKU: Armenia laying fresh territorial claims to Azerbaijan – daily

Armenia laying fresh territorial claims to Azerbaijan – daily

Ekho, Baku
21 Aug 04

Yerevan is laying fresh territorial claims to Azerbaijan. Now the
official Armenian press has raised the issue of returning to Armenia
another 506 of “land that has belonged to Armenia since time
immemorial along with” Karabakh and Naxcivan [Azerbaijani exclave].

[Passage omitted: report from the Armenian newspaper Golos Armenii;
comments by an Azerbaijani historian]

It is clear that the political leadership of Azerbaijan and our
Foreign Ministry should at least pay attention to the fact that the
official newspaper of the neighbouring state lays open territorial
claims to the lands of independent Azerbaijan. In fact, this is a
trump card that Armenia is carelessly giving to Azerbaijan. It is
necessary to benefit from this at the international level, i.e. to
draw the attention of influential international organizations and
states to the fact that the neighbouring aggressor country is not only
going to liberate the occupied lands, but on the contrary, is laying
additional open claims to Azerbaijani territory. This fact could be
the basis of Baku’s refusal to conduct talks with Yerevan.

[Passage omitted: Ekho failed to contact the Foreign Ministry]

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress