Antelias: Armenian Education in Diaspora for this century

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Antelias, Lebanon – An historic Conference was held in Bikfaya Lebanon based
on the theme “The Armenian Education in the Diaspora” 5-7 August 2004. At
this conference, educators from the Armenian communities in the Diaspora
came together for the first time, to discuss the meaning and purpose of
Armenian Education in this century.

The conference, which was initiated by His Holiness Catholicos Aram I of
Cilicia, is the first step of a planning process leading towards a Pan
Armenian education strategy. More than one hundred educators, journalists
and representatives of Education Boards from Armenia, Argentina, Australia,
Venezuela, Cyprus, France, Greece, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Canada,
Turkey and the U.S.A. attended the meeting. At the end of two intense days
of lectures, presentations, debate, and group work, the participants feeling
that they had gained a great deal from the Conference, but that there was a
great deal more yet to learn, requested that His Holiness Aram I initiate
further activities that would lead to a strategic plan and would help them
to discover their different ways of affirming their common identity.

The conference placed Armenian education at the forefront with Gospel values
as its basis. Participants discussed the relationship between specific local
cultures and Armenian Christian identity and the monoculture of
globalization. His Holiness Aram I was impressed by the contribution of all
participants, particularly the youth and women. The President of the Writers
‘ Association in Armenia and the President of the Educational Commission of
Armenia’s Parliament expressed their appreciation of the initiative of His
Holiness Aram I. They stated that the conference had widened their
perspective of Armenian Education.

After thanking them all for their participation and contributions, His
Holiness Aram I concluded the meeting by saying, “We are living in different
contexts. We must, therefore, develop different educational procedures and
strategies. We are citizens of different countries as Armenians and yet part
of the globalized world. We have our own convictions, values and norms, but
we are living in a new environment. Hence it is vital that we develop an
education policy that provides integrity, relevance and coherence to our
educational work, at the same time preserving our Christen identity. There
is a great challenge before us and we must take it seriously and


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