AGBU to open a new scholl in Yerevan

Aug 17 2004


YEREVAN, AUGUST 17, ARMENPRESS: Armenian General Benevolent Union
(AGBU) is planning to open “Melkonian educational center”, a youth
complex in Yerevan in the coming years. The school may host up to 200
students from around the world. AGBU Armenian representation director
Ashot Ghazarian told Armenpress that Diaspora Armenians will learn
Armenian language, literature and history which will contribute to
preservation of Armenian identity and Armenian education. According
to Ghazarian, many young Armenians from around the globe will make
contacts with motherland and communicate with national values. “Of
coarse, this is not a tourism program, the focus is on education,”
Ghazarian said.
The educational establishment will be equipped with modern
technology with lingo-phone and computer auditoriums. University aged
students may continue their education at local Armenian higher
educational establishment as well as at American and French
Universities here in Yerevan. Ashot Ghazarian informed that they are
negotiating with Yerevan municipality to provide facilities for that
purpose. The project will be funded by AGBU.
The project has been discussed with president Kocharian, chairman
and members of writers’ house, Yerevan state university rector Radik
Martirossian and minister of education and science Sergo Yeritsian.